Best Strollers for Big Kids – The Detailed Buying Guide

Strollers for Big Kids

What Is The Best Stroller For Big Kid?

In a world that is increasingly being dominated by conveniences, both in life as well as otherwise, strollers are a What Is The Best Stroller For Big Kidnatural progression to the earlier day prams. There are a number of reasons to buy a stroller and one of the most important parts of purchasing a stroller is probably the sheer usability of the product.

When the prams were first introduced, they were seen as rather a convenient option to have around when compared to carrying around a child in the arms. Not only did the prams introduce a level of comfort otherwise not seen in the handling of little children, it quickly brought about innovations in the very design that led to more and more people preferring the prams over alternatives.

Strollers could be taken as a further refinement to the prams of the younger children where it made sense to restrict and keep under control the young toddlers most of the time.  Even within the strollers, it became possible to identify certain specialized applications like the ones that could be attached to the car seat and so on.

Few people these days cast their minds back to understand how the stroller came to be used in daily lives.  Sufficient is to say that the product has been well received by the folks in general and every grown-up child does have their tales to narrate regarding the use of the stroller.

What Are the Different Types of Strollers?

It is quite possible to differentiate the strollers according to the nature of the use as well as the broader method used to construct it. Some of the designs are more or less very specialized so as to be of specialized use and there are the others that can be said to be more or less homogenized in the application.

Full-sized Stroller:

If a parent is keen on purchasing a stroller that is meant to be used right through the years and even as a hand down to a possible younger sibling, then the full-sized stroller is what is needed most of the time.  They are very sturdily built and has the capacity to take any type of use all the time.  Most of the models in the category come with a lot of add on features that make them not just useful but utilitarian as well for the most parts.

What Are the Different Types of StrollersThe full sized stroller has a wide and deep seat that is meant to be as comfortable as possible. The handles are sturdy and strong to use as needed too. The seat can be made to do a deep decline as compared to a lighter model. With the more upmarket ones, it is possible to have an option to mount the seat forward facing or rearward.

It is possible to mount the stroller to a car seat with special anchor points and there are a lot of add-on features like a canopy etc.

Umbrella Stroller:

These are the typical fold away type of strollers that can be used for the convenience most of the time.  Being portable in design, these type of strollers are just what someone taking a flight would want to have around. It is rather convenient to have an umbrella stroller when it comes to compromising on some of the more needed features of the full-sizes strollers.

Weighing in less than 15 pounds most of the time, the umbrella models do have the sturdiness of the larger models and tend to have features like the canopy and stow away handles. There would be a partial decline of the rear support which adds a comfortable seating position most of the time.

Jogging Stroller:

They are meant for those on the run, literally.  It has a proper suspension system that can soak in the bumps of the rides and a very maneuverable set of wheels as well.  Most models come with a five-point harness and other attendant features to keep the toddler safe and sound.

A notable feature of the jogging stroller is that it can be latched onto a car seat and has a sizable storage compartment. In addition, it is possible to find some other attendant features to the jogging stroller that more or less varies with the cost of the product.

On the downside, a jogging stroller can be tough to assemble most of the time.  Despite the best of design options, it is still possible to find strollers being touted as being joggers without the necessary sophistication.

Double Stroller:

Double Stroller

If it is twins that a person is having, then the double stroller is indispensable to the user.  There are principally two design types in this model, the side by side type and the back to back models.


This model is an advantage when considering multiple children but it lacks the mobility of the single models and tends to be bulkier too. They are on the heavier side too most of the time and can rarely be considered to be portable.

Car Seat Stroller:

This is a simple basket system that can be used to carry children without the use of the wheels. The principal advantage is that it is possible to anchor it to the car seats with little fuss at all.

There are the full frame strollers that can be separated from the frame to act as a carry seat stroller.  It is mostly a matter of convenience and no more.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Stroller?

Like any other product, a stroller has to have a minimum set of guidelines to consider while making a purchase. The more important points are as listed out in the below.

Budget: It is rather easy to get carried away when purchasing a stroller most of the time. This particularly happens to younger parents who would not be seeking a return on money spent but more of getting the best. It is rather simple to fall for features that cost money but are rarely put to use at any time.

What Should I Consider When Buying a StrollerLifestyle: In every category of strollers, it is possible to find a number of variations and according to the budget as well. It is important to pick out the best possible stroller keeping in mind the needs of the situation. More than how it looks it is important to understand how it performs in actual use.

Ease of carrying: Some of the most nibble of strollers are often the ones that are easy to carry around too. At the same time, it is possible to find a range of strollers that can be folded ingeniously to allow it to be fit into a small space too.

Use in a car: With strollers, it is necessary to make it fit into the car seat as best as possible. Some of the specialized designs are such that they can be fitted into the narrow confines of a car seat as best as possible.

The wheels: All strollers come fitted out with wheels and it needs to be noted that it takes a certain toughness to how the wheels are done. Some of the more fancy looking wheels are nothing more than that, just the fancy. Having a working set of wheels is important to have a usable stroller most of the time.

How Do I Make Sure My Stroller Is Safe?

With a stroller, there are two ways of ensuring the safety of operations. The first is to have an overhead roll bar that could come into use if the stroller were to be turned on the side. The roll bar takes the hit and retains the stroller in the safest position for the inmates.

The second part is to have a lockable set of wheels so that people can lock out the tires when the stroller needs to be parked or kept at a spot.  A five-point lockable harness belt is an added feature that most manufacturers tend to provide as well.

Where to Buy At Best Strollers Online:

Unlike the earlier days, when stroller were rather specialized products, the modern day lifestyles have to have strollers as a rule. Thus most people are aware of the uses and features of a stroller when they do wish to make a purchase. Most of the online shopping sites and e-commerce platforms are filled with a number of leading stroller manufacturers.


It would be hard to pronounce a verdict as to which is the best stroller to have around. Some of the leading children’s equipment manufacturers make some of the most desirable models possible. It is for the parent to decide what works for the children from what is available in the market most of the time.

There are models that stress sturdiness while there are the types that hinge on maneuverability and ease of use as well.