Are Bob Strollers Worth The Money


Bob strollers certainly look like something which will be comfortable for your baby to be in. At a glance it looks like it comes with huge tires, a comfortable seat and a great canopy. But there’s more than meets the eye. Yet one major barrier for new parents is certainly the cost of it. Most parents before buying a Bob stroller definitely ask- Are Bob strollers worth the money? To have a definite answer to this we need to explore the pros and cons of Bob strollers. So lets go through the list one by one:

Features of Bob Strollers


Bob strollers are built with a 3 wheel structure to ensure maximum stability. There’s one front wheel and two rear ones. All wheels range between 12 inches to 16 inches in size and are shock resistant. The air filled wheels ensure that you will be able to push the stroller over any kind of harsh terrain and your kid won’t get bounced around. That’s not all, large wheels also ensure that there’s more space between the stroller and you. This will certainly be beneficial for parents with long legs. The front wheel come with two modes- locked and swivel. Locked mode will give you more stability in bumpy terrains while swivel will ensure greater maneuverability in narrow roads.


This is one of the most important part of the stroller. If your baby isn’t comfy then taking him or her out in that stroller is out of question. The seat here is pretty big, ranging from 14″ in width to 23″ in height. But Bob’s seats aren’t just comfortable, they come with adjustable back rests for maximum riding comfort. You will be able to adjust the back rests easily by making use of just two straps which are placed inside the stroller. The seat doesn’t recline fully back but your baby will be able to doze off easily. The material which makes up this seat is also easy to clean but keep in mind that you should only use mild soap to wash it.


Bob strollers come with brakes which are situated right in between the read wheels and it works to lock both in one place. Keep in mind that these strollers don’t have any hand brakes so if you are jogging downhill then stopping the stroller might prove to be a much more difficult task. But there are more improved versions of Bob strollers which do come with hand brakes.

Suspension system:

Any stroller should come with a great suspension system so that the passenger within stays protected from the bumps which frequently pop up on the road. Bob strollers have adjustable suspensions and shock absorbers which can handle beaches, cemented roads, snow and more. But you have to lock the front wheels to ensure that there’s stability.


Bob strollers come with an extendable, huge 125° coverage canopy which protects your kid from all of weather’s elements. This huge canopy can be set in five different positions which allows shielding in different ways. But the canopy never quite goes all the way down. You need not worry about this. Your baby will be more than adequately shielded.

Wrist Strap:

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where the stroller begins running away from you. While it may seem funny from an outsiders point-of-view but parents know how nerves racking it is to be in that position. To prevent such situations from taking place, Bob strollers come with a wrist strap which ensures the safety of your kid and your peace of mind. This safety strap is attached to the stroller’s handlebar for ease of use. The handlebar in itself is nicely padded which makes it comfortable and easy to hold. But there’s a little drawback which is the fact that handlebar isn’t adjustable. This will be fine for parents of average height but tall parents will could find it difficult to use.


The frame of the stroller is definitely lightweight which makes it easy to use, transport and store. The strollers in general weigh around 25 to 30 lbs which shouldn’t be difficult to use. But it can be difficult to lift in a car or carry it down a stair. If that proves to be difficult for you then there are more lightweight versions of Bob strollers available.


Bob strollers also come with a padded, soft, five point harness which prevents your baby from sliding down and falling out. These safety belts are adjustable so you can keep on changing the settings to fit your growing child. The release or open button for the harness is situated right in the middle and it can be reached as well as used by parents with ease.

Storage Space:

Taking the baby out means that you need to have space for storing the necessary baby food and other essentials. Luckily, the basket in Bob strollers are situated right underneath the seat and is easy to access. The basket isn’t all the storage space you get as there are two more pockets located around the seat. These can be useful to store some snacks or sippy cups. But you will also need some space to store your things and for that there’s a huge pocket located at the back of the seat. So this stroller certainly comes with a lot of storage space.

Overall, the Bob strollers are comfortable and roomy for your kid. They also come with a large canopy which shields your child. Moreover, the reliable suspension system is supported by huge wheels which can handle any rough terrain. But there are some glaring cons as well which include an unadjustable handlebar and a not-fully-reclining seat. While its benefits are many and certainly justify the cost but there’s a lot of personal financial factors which you must consider from your end before buying one. So when you ask yourself- Are Bob strollers worth the money, consider every factor.