Baby Stroller Train Video & EZ Bike Trailer

‘Baby Stroller Train Video’ Proves Miracles Are Possible

The ‘baby stroller train video’ is indeed proof of a miracle. The ‘baby stroller train video’ is making its way around the internet after the incident was captured on video at the Ashburton railway station. The video shows a mother pushing a baby stroller on a train platform, and when she takes a moment to straighten her clothing she lets go of the stroller. In the momentary distraction, the stroller rolled forward off of the platform and right in the path of an oncoming train. Before the woman could regain her balance, depicted in images on the video that make you hold your breathe, the train hits the stroller.
The end result of the ordeal was that the baby survived with only a scratch on his forehead, but this is definitely a video that you have to watch. We have linked the video on page two of this article, and it truly does show that there was a miracle that took place on at that train station. When the baby stroller rolled off the platform, it appears that the baby was left face down on the ground beneath the stroller as it was hit by the train. This probably saved the baby’s life as the stroller (and baby) was dragged from a distance down the track. That the baby survived is a miracle, let alone that he walks away from this ordeal with just a scratch.

Watching the video for the first time was a bit difficult, because the worst thoughts go through your mind as the video is progressing. If the woman had one more second before the train got there, it looked like she might have jumped on the track, making the outcome of this story even worse. Instead the baby and this woman leave the train station with a story that they will be able to tell for the rest of their lives. It’s another miracle that nobody on the platform had a heart attack when they saw the stroller fall off of the platform. I know I probably would have, because it all happened too quickly for anyone to react.

The whole incident at Ashburton railway station was captured on video, giving the world the opportunity to see this story, and it had to be big news in Melbourne, Australia, where it all took place. It’s simply beyond words when you state that its extremely great news that the baby turned out to be all right, and odds are that he won’t even remember that the incident ever took place. For those questioning whether miracles are possible, look no further than the evidence provided in this one minute clip at an Australian train station.

Source: Baby Stroller Train Video

Instep Quick ‘n EZ Bike Trailer Product Review:

We were looking for a simple, cheap bike trailer that could convert into a stroller. We found the Instep Quick ‘n EZ trailer and knew it was the perfect match. We didn’t want to spend very much money because we weren’t sure how much we would use the trailer. Priced at only $100 it was the best option out there. Instep is a trusted name by many parents, so we knew we could safely purchase the trailer without worries!
Upon opening the box, we began the set up of this trailer. While it looked a little complicated, it was actually very easy and the directions explained the steps in detail. The trailer does fold completely flat, but you have to take the handle, top bar, wheels and hitch off. This makes it rather complicated and takes a few minutes. The wheels do pop off fairly easily, and the handle just screws off. You can adjust the handle to almost any height, just place it where you want it and tighten the clasps. The front hitch transforms from trailer hitch to stroller wheel in no time! All you have to do is pop the wheel on and secure it with the pin.

When using the trailer as a bike trailer is pulls very nice. With two kids seated in the trailer, it does get a bit heavy, but the trailer itself weighs only 24 pounds. The 5 point harness system is not very effective at all. We have found our kids to pull themselves right out of the harness. While this is a concern for many, the kids generally sit there anyway. We don’t bike on busy roads, but if we did, this would be a major concern. The lap belt is very effective, so that is comforting.

The biggest negative about the Quick ‘n EZ bike trailer by Instep is the cockpit. It is fairly small and there is not floor. The seat has no support, so when you have 2 kids inside they slide right next to each other in the middle. This makes them fairly uncomfortable and not very content when they are practically sitting on top of each other. The canopy works very well, but it is a bit hard to snap into place. The rain sleeve rolls down easily and seems to protect the kids and keep them dry. Visibility is pretty good, the kids can look out the side windows and the front window. When the cover is rolled down it stores very nicely and is completely out of the way. I wish it had a zipper system instead of the snaps, but you get what you pay for!

The two side wheels are 16 inch quick release wheels. They have plastic rims, so I’m not sure how long they will last. The tires are pneumatic inflatable rubber tires and seem to provide a very smooth ride. The front stroller tire is just plastic, so I’m sure it will not hold up for long. The stroller and bike does seem to maneuver well on grass and gravel alike.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the use of this Quick ‘n EZ bike trailer/stroller from Instep. The price is right for the use we’ll get out of it. It isn’t the quality you would find in a $400 trailer, but works well enough for us!