BOB Revolution Stroller Review & Teds Dash Stroller

BOB Revolution Stroller Review

Parents with busy lifestyles always appreciate something that makes their lives easier, and the 2019 BOB Revolution stroller does just that.
There are other jogging strollers available on the market and some of them are manufactured by BOB. But none are in such high demand, even though the price for the BOB Revolution is higher than the average for other makes or brands.


There are several reasons – here are the highlights:
It is very easily maneuverable under almost any conditions, with the front roller-wheel (can be locked in place for jogging).
It’s extremely light, easy to fold and easy to store in the car, or in a closet at home
The 2019 BOB Revolution Stroller has a very well-made suspension, which makes the ride for babies or t!oddlers very comfortable, and they will tend to take a nap more easily and comfortably than with many other stroller models.
5 point safety harness keeps babies snug and safe
Due to it’s ease of use, parents who are jogging can get a better workout
The 2019 BOB Revolution stroller is not only useful for jogging – walking about town, shopping and other daily errands and activities are easily accomplished with this BOB. Thus, there generally is no need to purchase an additional stroller (one for jogging, one for everyday).
It looks great – very “in style”, very trendy.
Negatives: There are not many negative comments and reviews. The only ones that I was able to dig up had to do with the 2019 BOB Revolution Duallie (the double stroller version) which had to do with the stroller not being as easy to fold or compact as the single stroller. There was one parent who complained also that it was diffucult to figure out how to fold it down to it’s compact mode for storage.

None of the negative reviews had to do with quality, durability or lack of usability under various conditions, and in fact there were raves on how easily it was to use whether for jogging with small children or maneuvering around tight corners in the mall – even with the Duallie (double stroller). Many reviews contained the statement “…worth every penny…”.

Cost Information: The 2019 BOB Revolution single stroller costs around $415.00 retail, or around $390.00 from some discount resources online. The Duallie (double stroller) costs around $610.00 retail, or around $570.00 from disount resources.

Shopping Recommendation: There are actually a rather large number of resources that carry the 2019 BOB Revolution Single and Duallie strollers, but the best I have found is – they offer discount prices, excellent stock, hassle-free returns on orders, and free shipping for orders over $100.

Overall, the 2019 BOB Revolution Stroller gets a very nice “thumbs up”.

Road Test Review: Phil & Teds Dash Stroller

Double strollers can make a huge impact on the parental psyche. Phil amp; Teds has reinvented how modern parents look at their lives. The arrival of child number two no longer means an end to slipping in and out of shops, having lunch at an outdoor cafe or strolling in urban settings.

You see, before this Kiwi company hit the US, double strollers were bulky and unwieldy to steer. Not so the Phil amp; Teds.

It all started a few years ago, when this New Zealand company brought us the Classic–an inline, double stroller.

Most parents were thrilled with the Classic’s arrival in the late 1990’s. The concept: Turn the stroller into a double-decker ride with one child riding under the other.

As the years passed, parents grumbled for an update. After the Classic, the Sport arrived. I know the Sport well; it was my means of transport for a little over six months. The Sport took the Classic model and tweaked a few things. First, it was 1 pound lighter (a big deal if you are pushing this contraption around for several hours), weighting in at 23 pounds. More importantly the color options were widened. Now a parent could express their sense of style via their stroller. Pink camo? Check. Lime green? You bet. Total cost of this new ride? About $500 with the Double Kit (this item is sold separately-it’s the seat that attaches to the lower portion of the stroller for kid #2)


Life was good with my Sport. I zoomed all over Brooklyn with my two girls in tow. Doctors’ offices, grocery stores, zoos-nothing stopped me. I loved the (relatively) narrow design and found the stroller easy to fold flat and stash in my car. What I wasn’t thrilled with was the dastardly foot brake–it was stiff and awkward to release (especially when I was wearing sandals)-but overall I was in love.

Then I was asked to test drive the new model called the Dash. Why not, I thought and I waited for the big box to arrive. As I opened my new treasure I was taken with the sassy red color. Oh yes, I said we will get along nicely.

Assembly was fairly easy (though I was stumped as to how to get the wheel guards on and had to have a friend help at the playground) requiring about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Once set up, my three-year-old was eager to take a test drive. So I grabbed the baby and hit the road. When buckling the girls in, I noticed the seat padding had definitely been bulked up-and I liked the additional seat height settings.

Once outside I flipped up the much improved canopy and set the adjustable handle to a suitable height. When we got to the swings and need to park, I took a moment to celebrate the new handbrake.