BOB Revolution Stroller & Umbrella Strollers for Special Needs Kids

The BOB Revolution stroller is much loved by parents everywhere – and for some very good reasons.
A number of parents of babies and toddlers hesitate to purchase a BOB Revolution stroller due to its price tag. (Some merchants can charge $400 or more for a BOB Revolution single stroller and $600 or more for a Duallie version.) However, based on numerous consumer reviews written by parents, these strollers are worth every penny they cost and more.



What makes the BOB Revolution stroller so special?


The BOB Revolution stroller is a three-wheeler stroller with excellent balance to prevent tipping, a feature other three-wheel strollers lack. It also has easy-locking rear-wheel brakes that are reliable and the entire BOB Revolution stroller is made with extremely high-quality construction. A five-point padded harness holds baby firmly (but comfortably) in place so baby stays secure during the ride.


With excellent suspension, rides in the BOB Revolution stroller for babies and toddlers are smooth and comfortable, often resulting in a napping babe as opposed to an irritated one. (This is the favorite feature for some parents.) Even with jogging, the ride is a breeze. This extra-comfortable ride is made possible by an adjustable suspension that allows for different settings for different weights of children.


The BOB Revolution stroller folds easily with a single hand, folds quite compactly and is quite a bit lighter than other brands of strollers, which makes this stroller easy to lift and store away. The Revolution also maneuvers much more precisely and easily than other strollers, letting parents get around anywhere, even the tightest of corners. This can make activities such as strolling through stores in a mall much simpler and more enjoyable.

A Plus for Jogger Parents

The handling of the BOB Revolution stroller is excellent, which results in a better workout for mom and dad.

More Features that Parents Love – There are some other reasons why parents rave over the BOB Revolution stroller including its style, storage space and long-term money savings. (The BOB Revolution stroller accommodates a child weighing up to 70 pounds, so the stroller doesn’t need to be changed out for a new one as children get older and heavier.)

Safety Not

Babies should be at least six to eight weeks of age before riding in a BOB Revolution stroller (a car seat can be used with the stroller for infants, extra head support may be needed). And, a baby should be six to eight months old before using it for jogging workouts.

Is a BOB Revolution stroller worth the cash that parents are paying for it? That depends on a number of things but generally speaking – if you ask the parents who have one – the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Shopping Information: The price tag from some merchants is higher than with others – in fact there are discount resources that not only provide the best merchant prices possible online but also offer some great warrantees for BOB Revolution strollers, excellent service and free shipping to boot! This BOB Revolution stroller page provides information on the best merchants, review information and more.

Umbrella Strollers for Special Needs Kids

What are the best umbrella strollers for special needs kids? If you are a parent of a disabled child, you might be wondering this question. And this would be for good reason, since umbrella strollers are very important for a child’s transportation. Make the wrong choice, and your child could experience discomfort, (especially during a long trip). This discomfort could lead to behavioral issues as your child might cry uncontrollably. Prevent both problems by choosing brands renowned for creating the best umbrella strollers for special needs kids. These brands include: Special Tomato, Maclaren Major and Convaid.
Now, if versatility is a concern, you will probably want to stick with a Special Tomato umbrella stroller. Designed for both infants and preschoolers, the Special Tomato umbrella stroller can be adjusted according to your child’s growth. It also offers a variety of angular settings, which can be useful during the times that your child is tired. If they want to rest their head, you can simply move their seat down a degree. The calf panel can also be moved for added comfort. Indeed, with the right adjustments, the Special Tomato umbrella stroller will feel like a bed. This is while maintaining an element of portability, since the stroller can be folded up after use.

However, don’t get too swayed by these advantages. If you have a child that is in elementary school, the standard version of the Special Tomato umbrella stroller will be too small. This leaves you with the option of either buying Special Tomato’s MPS Push chair, (which costs thousands of dollars), or getting a Maclaren Major umbrella stroller. The latter option is only a few hundred dollars. At this price, you will get the same features as a Special Tomato umbrella stroller. This includes a reclining seat and the ability to be folded up. In addition, the stroller’s seat cushion is detachable, allowing you to clean it when appropriate.

Finally, there is Convaid, a brand offering the most unique umbrella strollers for special needs kids. Why do many consider it so different? First, there is the fact that Convaid umbrella strollers can last all the way into adulthood. Secondly, many of the models look more like wheelchairs than strollers. For older children or teenagers, such a design would make them feel more sophisticated, since strollers are usually associated with infants.

In conclusion, umbrella strollers for special needs kids shouldn’t equate to something inferior. With Special Tomato, Maclaren Major and Convaid, you can get high-quality umbrella strollers at a cost that is within reach.