Can you jog with the City Mini GT

One thing that bothers most parents is whether they can go out for jogging or hiking with their baby on a City Mini GT. The design of the City Mini GT is not meant for jogging. The stroller is can be used on pavement as well as off road hiking.

It is one of the most popular and top-rated single strollers due to its wonderful features such as the oversized canopy, adjustable handler, quick fold, infant car seat compatibility as well as wheels that work on every terrain. The best part is that it is available at reasonable price.

Just recently the stroller was redesigned and upgraded to suit urban parents who often go out with their babies. It is specifically meant for active parents who like strolling on challenging terrain. It basically gives the parent the flexibility to go with the parent wherever they want.

Difference between old model and new model

There is a slight difference between the 2019 City Mini GT and the 2018. The latest models differ from the previous models in that it brings in more functionality as well as aesthetics. Some of the features that have been upgraded to improve functionality include viewing windows on the canopy with magnetic closure, all wheel adjustable calf rest and adapters for City Go and Graco infant car seats.


Regardless of the model of Baby Jogger City Mini GT that you select, you will get a stroller with standard seat and one that is suitable for infants who can sit upright and develop a neck and head control. The weight capacity ranges around 65 lbs and the maximum height is 26” hence it can definitely serve as a stroller for a big kid. The new model is nicely padded with soft and smooth nylon fabric. The nylon fabric seems to be easy to wipe and clean however, the jersey-type fabric seems to feel softer and nice for the baby’s skin.

It has a backrest which can recline deeply so that it can comfortably nap during the stroll but keep in mind that the lowest position is not fully flat. So as to recline the seat back you will need to use the strap and buckle. The seat can be lowered using one hand however in order to raise it you will need both hands. All the models have a reclining mechanism and parents find it convenient however, it is not a deal breaker.

The strollers have vented top which comes in handy during hot days as it provides extra ventilation. During chilly days it can be closed with a retractable cover. There is also a leg rest and footrest for taller kids. There is also an adjustable calf rest which is a great plus compared to other strollers.

Infant car seat compatibility

This stroller converts into a travel system within just a few seconds. The advantage with this stroller is that it is compatible with many car seats from different brands especially if you add a proper adapter. The adapters are attached to the frame and you are ready to go. Keep it in mind that each brand requires different types of adapters.

Bassinet compatibility

The stroller also provides another seating configuration. A bassinet can be attached on the frame. It is the best choice especially if you want to use the stroller on a new born. The bassinet provides proper flat position as well as the best support for infant’s spine and head. The bassinet is a must have for parents who want to go for long distance strolls with your newborn baby.


The canopies of City Mini GT have two peek-a-boo window which you can always use to check on your little passenger. The canopy has been upgraded and the current model has a silent magnetic closure. It is a small thing however it makes using the stroller more convenient. The advantage with the canopy is that they can be extended to provide a unique amount of the shade for the baby. The oversized hoods provide protection and you will enjoy summer strolls without having to worry about sunburns.

Wheels and suspension

The City Mini GT is made of 3-wheel design with 8.5” all-terrain tires that never go flat. This implies that parents are able to walk on any type of terrain. It also has front wheel suspensions that are able to cushion the ride and soak the bumps. The ride is very smooth thanks to the wheel suspensions. The parent can use the stroller to run all sorts of errands around the city as it can go over gravel, cobbled streets, cracked sidewalks and grass or even dirt roads. The baby will have a comfortable ride and will be protected from the negative impact of shocks.


The stroller has a foot operated parking brake. It is located on the handle bar like most handbrakes. The toggle is located on the right side of the canopy and it’s not easy to use as a matter of fact it is perfect for parents who prefer to wear sandals or flip flops often.


The handlebar of the City Mini GT has rubberized rings which make it more durable and also very convenient to hold. Most of the strollers have foam cover on the handle bar which is prone to tearing. You can get one with an adjustable pivoting handlebar. The height range is very impressive from 30” to around 43.5” from the ground. It is ideal for individuals of all height as both tall and short people can push the stroller conveniently without wrist fatigue or back pain that can be caused by slouching.


The advantage with City Mini GT is that it has huge canopies that provide a lot of shade. The vented seat top provides extra air circulation during hot days. Shock absorption works great on gravel and grass. The wheels roll smoothly on any type of terrain and It also has easy to clean fabrics.