Can You Use A Jogger Stroller For Everyday Use


Jogger strollers work well for parents who are fit and want to exercise on the go. But parents who prefer jogger strollers also land up on this question pretty soon-Can you use a jogger stroller for everyday use?. This is a very valid question to ask especially since people who love exercising do get out everyday to get their daily dose of fitness and want to take their baby out for a stroll with them as well. When it comes to jogger strollers, they are sturdy for sure and they are also very capable of navigating off road troublesome terrains. But they have some distinct disadvantages which prevents it from being suitable for everyday use:

Fixed Front Wheel:

This feature was supposed to help but it turned out to be a huge pain in many situations- the fixed front wheel of the stroller. While this generally ensures that the stroller goes straight without too much effort by the parent who is jogging but it can get challenging to maneuver in other situations. Some examples include navigating with it in a crowded mall, road, sporting venues etc. But the solution to this is to invest a little more and get one with front wheels that can be swivelled or locked according to the needs of the parent or place they are in.


Jogger strollers are also generally heavier than other kinds of lightweight general use strollers. This certainly doesn’t mean that they are really heavy to carry, pack or load but you can’t get one which is less than around 20 pounds. This can get difficult for some people to push, especially when they are jogging. So this is definitely a factor to consider if you are planning on everyday use.


Jogger strollers come with air filled, three large wheels. This makes it easier to push and gives you greater maneuverability that in turn ensures that your child is comfortable throughout the ride. But these air filled tyres can get punctured easily which means that you will have to not just be careful but also carry a repair kit and learn how to use it. This can turn out to be a frustrating and tiresome task especially if you are tired after your exercise and also have to take care of the baby.


Along with huge, air filled wheels, jogger strollers also come with a canopy that shields your kid from the harsh sun and other elements. This ensures that your child has a comfortable ride throughout. But the canopy in jogger strollers is much smaller than the ones found on regular strollers. Your or your child might not like the sun or wind streaming in with abundance.

Storage Spaces:

Both regular and jogger strollers do come with plenty of storage spaces, but the latter doesn’t have nearly have as many pockets as the regular ones. So if you are planning on stopping by the shopping center after your jogging session to pick some things up then it will certainly be difficult. Regular strollers also come with a storage space right under the seat where you can keep the essential things for you and your baby. You might not find that in all jogger strollers.

Adjustable Handlebars:

Some jogger strollers do come with adjustable handlebars but others do not. An adjustable handlebar will suit a person of shorter size better. But if you or your partner is tall then adjustable ones will be more comfortable. It will be even more necessary if you share the baby strolling duties with your partner.


If you are planning on using your jogger stroller everyday then you should definitely get one with wider and larger wheels as it will be easy to maneuver. But there’s a downside as well since it makes the stroller that much harder to pack up. Moreover, it takes up more space in a vehicle. But there are jogger strollers with compact sizes that are small enough to fold with one hand as well. But in those cases other types of question arises like- storage space, canopy size, comfort of your baby and more.


Jogger strollers offer extra stability due to their durable structure which makes it possible for trays to be placed in front of the child and the parent. This is really useful if you need a place for little things like keys and cellphones to put in. The tray in front of your child will allow you put a item or toy in it for his or her enjoyment.

Foldable Stands:

An advantage of jogger strollers is that it comes with better foldable stands. This alllows exercising parents to fold it up without too much hassel at all. But most of all, foldable stands offer great stability and durability to the stroller. This ensures that you can jog or power walk without worrying about the stroller falling over.


Jogger strollers comes with linked brakes or one-touch brakes. There are rear brakes which can be operated with just one pedal. Which brakes you prefer depends on the kind of exercise you do everyday while strolling your baby and which one would be the most comfortable for you to use. Along with operation, this is also a question of safety as you should choose the one which you can reach and use fast. There is also the fact the the brake should react fast in case there’s an emergency.

A good quality jogger stroller will let you use it anywhere you like. From sidewalks to woodchip paths and from thick snow to the beach, it should be easy to use in any form of terrain As the name goes, they are useful if you want to take out your baby with you while jogging, power-walking, running and such. If you are still asking yourself- can you use A jogger stroller for everyday use, then the answer is- yes you can. But you will have to consider all the factors listed above before getting one.