Cosco Moonstone Dot Umbria Stroller – Review

The Cosco Umbria Moonstone Dot stroller is by far the worst stroller I have ever purchased. I say this with complete confidence.

My credibility lies in my deep dark secret of being a compulsive stroller hoarder. Come over and look in my storage building and you will see a graveyard of the many, many, many strollers I have bought or been given.

Why on Earth would one have so many strollers? Why would I even have such a desire to keep collecting strollers? The answer is clear. I am a foster mom to babies. Ideally I have one baby at a time but one time I had three. I have had babies that need to be in a Snap and Go….. love those… review to come….. and babies that need more room with a sippy cup holder and other luxuries and I have needed double and triple strollers, sit and stands etc…..

Thus I have been on a longtime search to find the ultimate stroller. Most often we have newborns and therefore the Snap and Go type strollers are fabulous however, recently we had a nine month old baby and we needed something where she could be unbound from an infant seat and enjoy the ride.

Thus, I began my search. I did find a Stroller I wanted to try really really badly, The Kolcraft Contours Lite Baby Stroller in Tangerine color, however, I was in a major time crunch and this stroller was not offered anywhere locally in stores and because we had a last minute all day trip come up to the Fort Worth Zoo the next day, I needed a stroller within hours. I wanted a cute stroller. I wanted cute and functional. I wanted something that was just amazing to operate, easy to fold up, fun for the baby and that also spoke happiness with its cheerfulness and that’s exactly how I felt when my eyes were laid upon the Moonstone Dot stroller…. I felt happiness.

With its adorable little bubble dots all over it and cute little body I felt that it was something I could live with. No, it wasn’t happy tangerine color and it didn’t exactly stand out in a crowd but next to all the other strollers in the store it was really super cute and the price was so amazing to me that I asked the cashier to ring it up again. It was under $40.00 and seemed to have everything that a huge bulky stroller had and more.



In the beginning it was wonderful. It was super easy to assemble and folded up neatly as an umbrella stroller. Fabulous. It even folded up with the cup holder bar in tact. Some strollers you have to fight with that plastic bar sippy cup holder and remove it before you can fold it up but not the Moonstone, it was a beautiful fold.

Upon arrival at the Fort Worth Zoo I stuffed my stuff in the small but somewhat adequate spaced basket underneath and then I clipped on my diaper bag, put in the baby and began to stroll. This is where I immediately found fault. I’m 5’9 and this stroller is for someone who is maybe 4 feet tall. I am not kidding. It’s the smallest stroller I have ever seen. I had to hunch up and and walk bent for hours and hours. My five year old daughter easily pushed it. As a matter of fact, I pondered if I should not take it back but rather give it to her for a doll stroller.

Secondly, I couldn’t even walk normal without my foot hitting the brake bar. So in addition to walking hunched over I was constantly having to be mindful of not stepping on the brakes and putting a sudden halt on my stride and it was not the easiest to maneuver. Turning corners or trying to get over a curb was difficult.

As it goes with babies they need to be taken out here and there and changed or hugged. I found out that this was not an easy task from this stroller. I couldn’t just pull her up and out, I had to remove the entire cup holder bar out of the way and even though that might not be a big deal, it was a big deal because I was fighting with the cup holder bar to remove it. It did not give up easy. It was a task removing her from the stroller.

I also was not that impressed with the headrest part. It did not bring her up enough, it kept her constantly in somewhat in a recline position and if she was older and stronger perhaps she could of pulled herself up and sat without the support against her back but she couldn’t and it would of been nice for her to be able to be seated more upright.

And my last complaint is that this stroller is not only the size for a child to push, it is also very small for a baby…. our little foster baby girl is small for being 9 months old… short and chubby. But her head was practically already touching the top of the covering.

So I can not rate this stroller with a happiness rating at all. Although for a little girl and her dolls, it would be a Mercedes Benz. Fabulous play stroller but not very functional for adults with real babies.