Double Strollers: A Buying Guide

The logistics of traveling can get a little complicated when you have had twins or have two kids who are close in age. There is a stroller available to suit all lifestyles. However, finding the correct double stroller can be a little challenging. Here is a guide that can guide you through buying a double stroller that suits all your needs.

How to select the best double stroller for your family?

Double strollers come in various styles, and unlike regular strollers, they can differ in convenience options. Thus, being aware of these features and options can help you in finding the ideal double stroller for you.

What does your lifestyle look like?

As a baby comes along, the parents’ lifestyles change drastically. Thus, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself to decide on a stroller that suits your needs. These include issues such as the following:

  • Will you be in crowded or cramped spaces occasionally?
  • Do you drive a lot? If so, how often will you need to load and unload the stroller in and out of your vehicle?
  • Will you be visiting spaces with uneven surfaces?
  • Will you be on bumpy sidewalks, roads, or driveways?

All these are valid pointers and are discussed elaborately in this article. These factors are crucial as they change the kind of stroller you will need for your children.

How does the age difference between your kids’ factor while buying a double stroller?

If you have twins, then there are no complications related to weight limits for the double strollers. It is because the heights, as well as the weights, will be similar as the kids grow. However, if you are looking for options for children having a gap of two to four years between them, the requirements for the strollers change a bit.

It is essential to pay attention to the weight limits of the double stroller and try to find one that has a higher weight capacity. Strollers with a sit and stand feature are often better for children of different ages.

What are the different types of double strollers?

These strollers come in three different varieties, Tandem double stroller, side by side double stroller, and modular strollers.

What are tandem double strollers?

These strollers, or also known as inline strollers, are a smaller version of a bicycle, which is built for two. Its width is as long as a regular or a single passenger stroller. However, its length is longer. It is because the back seat is situated behind the front seat.

Some of the models even have stadium seating in which the seat is elevated above the other. These models are more likely to have chairs that are appropriately sized for children of different ages, along with matching weight limits.

However, these strollers are harder to manoeuver or even fit into the trunks of cars. But since they are not more comprehensive, there is no difficulty fitting them through doors or taking up too much of the sidewalk.

What are side by side double strollers?

As the name suggests, these strollers have the seats next to each other. The stroller is quite extensive, and thus, it is difficult to fit through narrow hallways and doorways. However, these strollers are accompanied with wheels that can change terrain quickly and safely. Therefore, parents who are looking for a double jogging stroller can opt for this one.

What are modular double strollers?

These are suited for families who plan to grow. Modular strollers are a versatile pick by allowing the parents to change it from a single-seater stroller to a tandem stroller whenever needed. They are a good investment for parents having a single child and are looking to have more children in the future.

These strollers are also the right choice for those who have twins. These strollers can be easily folded and modified, and thus, can be stored compactly.

Does the weight and height of my children matter?

Yes, the height and weight of your children do factor in while choosing a double stroller. The development of your children is an essential factor to consider. Every stroller comes with its height and weight limitations, stating both the minimum as well as the maximum weight limits and recommendations.

These age recommendations should not be disregarding while selecting strollers for your children. Moreover, not all strollers can accommodate newborns. For instance, some strollers are not suitable for your babies until they weigh over 15 pounds, while some suit children weighing just over 5 pounds.

Keep in mind that buying a stroller that can accommodate your children as they grow is essential. There should be enough leg as well as headroom, as your children grow.

How adjustable as well as comfortable are the seats of the strollers?

It is crucial to read about the comfort factors of the seats of the double stroller. It is also necessary to understand the level of flexibility they offer for adjustments. After all, strollers will be seating your children, and they should have the maximum comfort.

Remember that infants will need much more recline as compared to toddlers or even preschoolers. Thus, the higher the reclining ability of the stroller, the better. Furthermore, if the seats can be adjusted individually, wherein one child can sit up while the other one can lie down will be the better choice for parents. These are essential factors to keep in mind while selecting strollers.

What are some of the features to look for?

  • Cost: Strollers are quite expensive, and first-time parents are often shocked by how much they usually cost. One should always remember that a good stroller is a healthy investment.
  • Family Size: If you think that you might expand your family in the future, deem a stroller as a long term investment. Thus, you rather buy a good stroller, no matter its expense, as you will probably be using it in the future as well.
  • Lifestyle: Always make sure that the stroller you invest in is suited to your lifestyle. It should have a design that should meet all your daily activities.
  • Whether it accommodates newborns: Contrary to what you probably think, not all strollers are designed for newborn babies. It is because young babies need particular neck and body support. For newborn babies, a parent should look for strollers that can fully recline to a flat position. Moreover, it should also have the feature of having an infant car seat to be clipped onto the stroller.
  • One-hand fold: This feature makes the stroller handier and easy to use. Parents can easily open and close it, and it comes in use, especially when you are holding a baby in one hand.
  • Washable fabric: As we all know, babies are messy. Thus, strollers should come with removable fabric, which can be quickly taken off and washed.
  • Adjustable handlebar: These make the stroller more comfortable by making them easier to push, regardless of their height.
  • Sun canopy: These provide shade as well as privacy to your baby.
  • Stroller basket: These are typically located under the seat and help you store your bags and other necessities.
  • Stroller accessories: These include items, such as rain covers, toys, snacks as well as cup holders, among others. These have been further discussed in detail in the article.

What are the different kinds of wheels that come with double strollers?

The wheel type of stroller should be given serious thought before going ahead with the purchase. This is because it further determines the kind of terrains that the stroller will be able to accommodate.

If you are going to be on smooth terrains and indoor areas, most kinds of wheels will work for you. However, if you are the parents who might be roughening it, you will need wheels of harder and sturdier textures.

  • Plastic Tires: These work well for smooth surfaces. They are not suitable for rough terrains.
  • Rubber Tires: These are also good for smooth surfaces. Moreover, since they are rubber, they will never go flat.
  • Air Filled Tires or Pneumatic Tires: They resemble the functionality of bike tires. They, however, do have the potential to go flat. But they provide excellent stability and a smooth ride over uneven surfaces, such as sidewalks.
  • Air Wheels with Sealed Ball Bearings: These are the most durable of the lot. They are also good for those parents who like to hike and for joggers who want to test all terrains.

Does wheel size matter?

Yes, the size of the wheel does matter. It is essential not to forget this. Remember that larger wheels provide a smoother pushing experience. Some strollers come with the option of buying smaller or bigger wheels even as accessories.

Furthermore, it has been observed that double strollers that have dual wheels situated on their fronts have a higher chance of being knocked off-kilter if they have one wheel snagging on something. Despite this drawback, these types of strollers are still a popular choice among parents.

What kind of safety features should a double stroller have?

You have to affirm that the stroller has comfortable harnesses to use for buckling in your children. There should be three or five-point tackles. Make sure not to overload your stroller and stick to the height and weight limits.

Besides, it is imperative to have breaks, particularly easy to use pauses, which will make sure that your strollers do not move unless you want them too.

Which accessories are important to buy along with a double stroller?

  • Changing bag: These are important for storing diapers and a fresh set of clothes. Also, things like toys and snacks can also be stored in them. Most hanging bags come with straps that can be easily attached to the double stroller’s handles. It helps in keeping everything in reach.
  • A rain cover: Most strollers come with a rain cover. However, if yours does not have one, it is a good idea to go and purchase one. They come very handily for protecting your child on drizzly days. It is a good idea to buy these, especially when you are living in areas with unpredictable weather.
  • Footmuffs: If you are planning to go on long winter strolls, footmuffs are a good idea. They help keep your child/children warm and cozy. They are useful in warmer weather too. One can unzip and thus, remove the top layer and use the comfortable seat liner.
  • Pram blanket: These add an extra layer of warmth during nippy winter walks. They’re also good to have handy during spring and autumn when there’s a slight chill in the air.
  • Parasol: These are shades that keep the baby, or babies, protected from the sun. These come in handy during the summer season. The shade also helps keep them more refreshing, and thereby, reduces the risk of overheating as well. However, you should always follow the sun safety steps to keep your baby safe, even with the parasol on the stroller.
  • Travel toys: These are very important to keep the baby entertained and distracted. These toys help keep the baby in good spirits during long walks and strolls.
  • Stroller organizer: These are very useful for parents by allowing them to keep their things, such as keys, wallets, and smartphones, among others in easy reach.
  • Stroller platforms: These majorly come in use when there is an age difference between the two children. These can be clipped on to the back of the stroller upon which the older child can then sit on.
  • Infant car seat: Some of the pushchairs can further be used with baby car seats. Thus, you can have a total travel system in your hands. These are very useful for transporting the baby from the stroller to the car without having to pick the child up, and thus, wake them up. The children can keep sleeping as you pop them onto the pushchair. However, some models require separate adaptors to attach to the pushchair chassis.
  • Carry-cot: Some strollers can also be used along with a carry-cot. It helps transform it into a proper pram. It is beneficial for the child’s first six months, where they need to travel while lying on their backs.
  • Seat liner: These are incredibly comfortable for children. They also come in a wide variety of patterns and, thus, can be personalized according to the stroller. They are also easy to clean by stopping crumbs of food and any other mess from reaching the lining of your stroller. These, thus, make the stroller very hygienic as well.

What are some crucial facts to keep in mind?

Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind.

  • The strollers should be easy to fold or maybe even have the one-hand folding feature.
  • A reduction of disturbance during rides owing to front-wheel suspensions. These are very useful over rough terrains and with fussy babies — these help in avoiding any interruptions during the baby’s nap times.
  • Extended shades or canopies for protection from the sun or even rain. It helps in keeping your children sheltered from all kinds of elements. They also remove the need for any additional accessories.
  • The presence of brakes is imperative. Both hands, as well as foot, brakes make the stroller safer and easier to use.
  • Extra space for storage is handy for keeping essentials belonging to both the babies as well as the parents. It eliminates the need for an extra bag for holding diapers or wallets, among other things.
  • Cupholders are another essential component of a double stroller. They can be used to keep the child’s sippy cup or your drink’s cup safely.

What are the pros and cons of a double stroller?

If you have bought a double stroller for children who have different ages, it helps in keeping both children happy and comfortable. It also helps keep your children safe and together. It reduces the need for two separate single strollers.

Initially, when the concept of double strollers came into the market, it was not well received. They were bulky and heavy. Moreover, they were also challenging to navigate and travel with. However, as time progressed, they have become more modern and easy to handle. They are also available in various sizes to choose from. Now, they have become a popular choice for parents with two kids.

Do you need a stroller?

Most parents like to take walks, even power walks, jogs, go for runs along with their babies. Thus, to carry out these activities, a stroller is the best convenient option. A stroller ride also helps keep the baby entertained or a fussy baby asleep.

What other kinds of strollers are there, other than double strollers?

Several types of strollers are available to choose for parents. These are described below.

  • Travel systems: These are accompanied by infant car seats, which can then be clipped on to the strollers. Thus, you do not need to keep moving your baby.
  • All-purpose strollers: These are regular strollers.
  • Jogging strollers: These are for parents who like to go for a run or a jog with their babies. These come with sturdy suspension systems, thereby providing a smooth ride for the baby.
  • Stroller frames: These are the skeleton of the strollers. These are completed when an infant car seat is attached to them.
  • Lightweight strollers: These are very less in weight, and thus, are suitable for travel.

Are there any double strollers on the market that can be separated?

Yes, there are double strollers In the market that can be separated from one another. These are useful for growing families as they can switch the stroller from seating two children back to one. These strollers are designed in a way to fit all your requirements.

You can start with one stroller and convert to two when the second baby comes along, or vice versa. You can even remove one of the seats when you are heading outside with only one baby.

What are the differences in the warranty?

Not all strollers have similar or equal warranties. It is essential to look for warranties at least up to a year. These warranties should cover the entire stroller. A good warranty covers and protects your investment.

Is the customer service of the manufacturing company outstanding?

The customer services of the manufacturer are of great importance. When you have narrowed down your double stroller choices and checked out their warranties, the customer service should be checked out too. This service should be fast and should be available 24/7. If you have submitted an online request, do they reach out to you within a 24-hour window?

You should also check whether the company’s website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. There should also be several guides and manuals for their products. It is essential to invest your money in those strollers which have been manufactured by credible companies that can be trusted if anything goes wrong.


Finally, in the end, remember that while all the features mentioned above are not explicitly necessary, most of them can make a big difference in the ease of operation as well as handling. Additionally, they will keep your children more comfortable while reducing your frustration.

Remember that investing does not necessarily mean that you are buying the best stroller. You should always choose carefully and go through all the specifications of the strollers and find the one that is the best for your family. Moreover, never ignore the height, weight, and age limitations of the double strollers.

Lastly, no matter which stroller you decide on, it should be compact and should be easy to carry and store. It should offer a smooth ride for the children. This guide answers all potential questions that arise before one buys a double stroller. Remember, a little research along with a bit of thought can go a long way and aide you for years.