Full-size stroller- Things you should know

Parents always expect easy-riding, mom and baby-friendly stroller model, which ensures the highest level of customization. Full-size Stroller is the best choice if you are thinking to invest in strollers which your baby can use throughout its toddler years. The best part is these can also be used as a double stroller when the second baby arrives.

There are many stroller models which also come with all the necessary accessories. For example, they come with fully reclining seats, plush, bottle holders, and toy attachments. These accessories help in offering a joy ride for your baby. Along with that, it makes your life more fun and more comfortable. Another advantage of these strollers is that majority of them are very easy to fold. Hence even though they are bulky, they will stand on their own, which helps in secure storage.

How much should you spend on a stroller

There are varieties available when we consider this type of strollers. So, you can expect a wide price range based on the models and accessories they provide. Usually, the basic model is available for as low as $65. If you are looking for deluxe models, then the price may even go till $1150. These are the stroller models which are usually preferred by celebrity moms and dads. One thing to note here is that lightweight models typically come with a heftier price. Hence before making some decision, it is essential to check the budget and priorities.

What should I look for when buying a stroller

These strollers can be used right from birth since they come with cushy reclining seats and bassinets. Usually, these strollers hold over 50-pounds and hence they can be used for a long time. Before buying a stroller, it is essential to make sure that it provides adjustments at the front. These adjustments help in reducing the size of the seat openings. This makes sure that the baby will never slide out even when the seat is entirely in the recline position.

Along with that, check for the stroller’s base as well. It should be wide enough so that it helps in preventing tipping even if the baby leans over to the side. Without a baby on board, the tip test should be performed in the store before buying the stroller. The safety straps given for the stroller should be adjustable. These are the straps which go over baby’s shoulders and even around the waist.

Types of strollers

When we think of accessibility and comfort, the right stroller can make a lot of difference in your day to day life with baby. Strollers help when you go out right from walking into a park to entering and roaming around in the mall. There are varieties of strollers, and you should choose the right one based on your requirements and the one who makes more sense.

On the go with the baby, a stroller is a must either you are heading to Paris, or you are entering a park. Choosing the right stroller should always depend on your budget, your lifestyle, and based on other necessities. Some questions which you should ask yourself before going to buy a stroller are, where you will use it? Where can you store it? How babies you have?

Let’s look into some of the common types of strollers available.

  • Travel system
  • Car seat carrier
  • Double stroller
  • Jogging stroller
  • Lightweight stroller
  • Full-size stroller

Strollers are available in a price range of $30- $1200. Based on your needs as well as budget, you should narrow down the options available. The lightweight umbrella stroller is considered to be the necessary stroller available, which helps in making your travel easy. When we think other high-function strollers available, they come with extra features like car seats, snap-on bassinets, and extra storage as well.

For some people, the stroller may get miles as well as years of use. Considering your top choices even before purchasing the stroller will ensure that stroller fulfils all your and baby needs. Along with all the comforts required for the baby, you must also consider the needs of the family member who takes care of it. They are the ones who push the stroller, folds it, keep the things in it along the way.

Full-Sise stroller

If you are looking for a stroller that should be able to wheel your baby throughout its toddler years, then the best choice is a full-size stroller. These strollers are sturdier and bigger. These strollers are the right choice if durability is the preference since they are more durable. These are considered as a standard option when it comes to durability and sturdiness. Usually, these strollers offer a full range of features which help in making a joyful ride for the baby along with making your life easier.

These strollers are considered to be the go-to option for the majority of the families. This is because they cover the entire list of essential features along with that they even offer extra ones. Most of the strollers of this type come with whistles and nifty bells.

These strollers are

  • Wide and comfortable
  • Well-padded seat
  • Deep seat reclines
  • Seats can be mount either rear-facing or forward-facing
  • There will be an option given for attaching the car seat
  • These strollers come with convertible design. This design can grow with the baby. So, these strollers can be used from newborn babies to toddlers.
  • Expandable canopies
  • Come with sturdy tires along with decent suspension which helps in shock absorption
  • Comfortable, roomy basket for storage
  • These strollers also offer telescoping handlebars. These are helpful especially when one of the parents is petite, and the other is tall
  • Beneficial features or nice-to-haves. For example, a snack tray and cup holder

Umbrella Stroller or Lightweight

If your choice is lightweight strollers, then you will indeed miss some of the features which you can find in full-size strollers. But if you are looking for easy on-the-go strollers, then these umbrella strollers are the right choice.

This comes under the category of lightweight strollers, and they usually weight 15 pounds and sometimes even lesser. If easy portability is the primary concern, then you should go for umbrella strollers. These lightweight strollers are very easy to fold. It is effortless to carry them in an aeroplane, train, bus or they will easily fit in the trunk. There are many lightweight strollers which even offer beneficial features like an expandable canopy, partial seat recline, built-in cupholder, storage basket, and even snack tray.

But you must remember that if you are looking for a stroller which you can use right from the newborn, then lightweight strollers are not the right choice. There are few models even in these lightweight strollers which are safe to carry newborns and come with features like car seat adapters. But the majority of the lightweight strollers or umbrella strollers are mainly designed for carrying babies six months of age or even older.

Jogging Stroller

If you are looking for a stroller to use on the run, then these jogging strollers are the right choice. They offer superior suspension, and that lets you jog, walk, or even hike. These strollers always ensure the highest manoeuvrability, and that is provided both on and off the jogging trail. Majority of the jogging strollers offer a front wheel which can swivel or in some cases fixed.

The best part of these jogging strollers is that it offers compatibility with the car seat. Along with that it also provides telescoping handlers, deep reclining seats, and even generous storage baskets. When it comes to safety features, these jogging strollers offer five-point harness, hand brake, and wrist strap. It is essential to look for all these safety features before choosing a stroller which you want to take for jogging.

The downside of these strollers is that they are more substantial and most challenging to assemble. When it comes to space constraints, these jogging strollers never can fold up as little as umbrella strollers. Even though most of the three-wheeled strollers are usually referred to as joggers, they are not. They may not be optimised enough for runners. Majority of the three-wheeler, hybrid strollers generally lack safety features and hand brakes. So, they are not safe for jogging along with the baby. If you are a serious runner, then you should take a test drive for checking all the functionalities needed and safety features.

Double stroller

Double strollers are the right choice in case you have twins. These are also the perfect choice if you have a toddler who is yet not ready to give up on his stroller days. These double strollers come in 2 formats. One is side-by-side seating, and the other in tandem. In tandem, one child should sit behind the other child.

These double strollers are very helpful to manage multiple children just with only one stroller. If we consider the downside of these strollers, they are bulkier and more prominent. Double strollers usually weigh over 40 pounds. They come with a much bigger footprint. When it comes to choosing these double strollers, you should consider checking the mobility, width, and its compatibility with the car seat.

Car Seat Carrier

These are wheeled frames which are designed to get transformed the infant car seat into a comfortable stroller. Majority of these car seat carriers are lightweight and compact. They are convenient and right choice if you are looking for a no-fuss transition in the car and even out of the vehicle.

If we consider the downside of these car seat carriers, they are meant to use for short-term. They are compact, and baby outgrows quickly from this car seat. There are some full-featured strollers which function even as car seat frame and then transform entirely into a stroller which is toddler-friendly.

Travel system

These travel systems are straightforward to connect, and they pair together with the stroller and the infant car seat. There are jogging, lightweight, and full-size travel systems available. Here you should choose a travel system keeping in mind the type of stroller you like the most.

The best part is, when the travel system is used, you will have an infant car seat which gets connected easily with the stroller by using an adapter. This allows you to move a sleeping baby from the car into the stroller directly without waking her up. Along with this, it is possible to save a lot since you can buy both these com

ponents for a single price. If we consider the downside of this travel system, usually babies proliferate out of car seat compared to that from a stroller. Commonly, strollers are used for a longer duration.

Buying strollers- things to keep in mind

An easy-to-use, reliable, and safe strollers are a must-have for a family. Since there are varieties of strollers available with a wide price range, you should make sure that you choose something which is the best option for the toddler. Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying a stroller.

where you will use the stroller

The first thing which you should think about when buying a stroller is where you will use the stroller? There are many mid-range models which are more significant and bulky. These are not the right choice if you are planning to navigate in narrow city streets. Meantime if you are planning to have a stroller basket then smaller sized umbrella strollers are not the right choice. If you are planning to keep your purse, essentials, and a diaper bag, then you should look for one with enough spaced basket. So, you should know where are you going to use these strollers then it is easy to choose them.

check the stroller

Next thing is there will be certain features which you must check if you are going to use the stroller for newborn babies. The stroller should be young friendly. The stroller should come with features like deep recline, and it should offer bassinet mode. If these features are available, then only you can put your newborn even from day one, and there are no other add-ons needed. Remember that there are models which are more suitable for infants than others. For example, some strollers come with neck control, strollers which can sit up without any support.

How to Pick a Stroller that is Right For You

  • There are models which are pricy. So, always decide how long you are planning to use the stroller. If you are planning to use it for a long time like right from a newborn to toddler, then choose the right one for saving cash. In case if you are planning for one more kid, then it is better to choose the one which can also be used for multiple kids. Shopping for long term value is most important.
  • Another most important thing to consider is a smooth operation. Once you have chosen the stroller which is best for your needs, you should give a test drive which is in person. This will provide you with a clear picture of how it feels and how smooth is the operation. It is also essential for you to check the folding and unfolding options. There can be a situation like you have to hold the baby along with its stuff and you have to fold the stroller. Hence it should be easy and comfortable to curl. There are models which offer one-hand fold, but you should give a try before purchasing.
  • Next thing is the weight of the stroller. If you are planning to use it on the road, then a lighter version is better. Even though there are manufacturers who call 25-pound stroller to be lightweight, you should remember that there are strollers which weight 12 pounds. Weight plays a significant role since you have to carry the baby, its belongings, and stroller in the staircases.
  • Sometimes, you may have to look for more than one stroller. When it comes to using on the road, you may prefer umbrella strollers. But when you think of a busy neighbourhood, you choose full-sized models. It is true that for some families, one stroller may not fulfil all of their needs even though there are many all-in-one strollers available. In this case, they should try splitting their budget for two strollers based on their needs. There is no point in investing in one which may not be useful for specific occasions. The best thing they can do is they can invest in the full-size model which can be used in home and an umbrella stroller for outside.

Safety tips

There are few safety tips which should be considered when buying the stroller. When we think of hitting the pavement with a stroller in the baby, safety is something which comes first. Majority of the stroller models available these days meet all the safety standards which are considered as fundamental. But there are few other safety features which you can look into when buying a stroller.

  • One of them is check for a 5-point safety harness. This is considered to be the standard, but there are few umbrella stroller models which come with an only 3-point harness. Before choosing them, it is better to make sure they are easy to buckle and secure for the baby
  • Look for the brakes. It is essential to check the rakes. They should be straightforward to operate. The ba rakes should offer a secure stop
  • Check the edges and hinges. Crannies and nooks present can be tricky. These should be examined before buying a stroller. There can be some tight spaces or sharp edges where little toes and fingers can get hurt
  • Look for right canopy and shade. This is must if you are planning to walk in the Sun. It is better to choose the one which offers built-in SPF protection

Every family has its requirements and needs. But the best part is there are a lot of options available, and hence you will find one which can satisfy all your needs. The most important thing is investing in quality products. Majority of the users have the opinion that it is better to stay away from umbrella strollers if the quality and long-time use are the primary concern. Even though the budget is a concern, it is better to look for some extra features and better canopies which are worth the money. So, at least look for mid-range umbrella strollers.

Are 3 or 4 wheel strollers better?

When it comes to easy manoeuvring, three-wheeled joggers are more comfortable when compared to traditional 4-wheeled strollers. Hence it is essential to check for all these features and choose the one which you are more comfortable with. Even though you are not planning to use for jogging, it is better to go with the model which is convenient to move.

Do I need a jogging stroller and regular stroller

Majority of the users are comfortable owning two strollers. It is better to hold two when the same model doesn’t fit two different situations. To roam around the city, a jogging stroller may be the right choice, and when it comes to shopping trips, you may find a lightweight umbrella stroller more comfortable. Even though the jogger is highly relaxed, it is more substantial. Hence for lightweight needs, umbrella strollers are the best.

What’s the best double stroller for infant and toddler

If you are planning one more baby in just a few years, then it is worth buying a double stroller. There is no point in investing one more just after few years. Better to look for the one which can accommodate one more baby. Another thing to consider is the road on which you plan to take these strollers. If the way is with dirt and is a gravel driveway, then better to look for strollers with stronger wheels. For this kind of use, plastic wheels may not last for longer.

Whichever the stroller you decide to buy, the most important thing is the test drive. Without testing correctly, it can be risky to invest money on a stroller.

Final thoughts

most compact

When it comes to baby strollers available today, full-size strollers are the once which offer a lot of convenience along with the highest comfort options. Even though these strollers are comparatively heavier, today there are few models in these strollers which are specially designed with aluminium frames which ensure easy manoeuvring. Along with this, they are rust-resistant. In this type of stroller, you can find models which range from feature-rich, rugged models to English-style buggies. These full-sized strollers are considered to be the great as well as all-purpose pick among all the varieties available.

entirely convertible

Majority of these strollers are entirely convertible. To understand, these strollers can be used as either carriage or a stroller. They always grow with your baby. These strollers are highly appropriate for newborn babies since they come with the full-recline feature. Along with this, they even offer a suspension system which is shock-absorbing and oversize wheels as well. These wheels help in making the baby comfortable even when the stroller is over varying terrain. Majority of these strollers are made especially for long term use. These strollers are safe to use even when the baby reaches 3-4 years of age.

These strollers come with many features like multiple-position seat recline, strong back support, extra seat padding, removable weather boot, removable front tray, European-style canopy, large storage basket, and even reversible handle which is used for conversion into a carriage. Majority of the models also come with adjustable footrest and dual wheel brakes.

The best part

The best part is full-sized strollers can be used right from newborn babies till the baby turns into a toddler of age 3-4. Hence these strollers can be considered as longtime investment and worth for money compared to any other type of strollers available today. This is the reason these strollers are considered to be a staple which can be used from day one until the child turns into a toddler. There are strollers in this category which cal also be turned into double strollers. If you are looking for a sturdy, stronger and comfortable stroller with lots of space, then this type is the right choice. the

These can grow along with the baby from birth to toddler. These strollers are usually highly compatible with the bassinets and car seats. They are highly durable and very easy to manoeuvrable. They offer a comfortable position, and they are roomy. The best part is they come with ample storage space. These strollers can be highly convenient, especially for baby’s nap time. Hence they are considered to be a home away from home. They can be a haven which is entirely safe for baby. These strollers are much-needed, especially when travelling, and they ensure that babies will be at easy till you are back home.

When you choose these full-sized strollers, they provide large sunshade, footrest, and full seat. Hence they always make sure that they offer a cushy ride. They are the right choice if you are planning for a long day of exploring and sightseeing along with the baby. The best part is these strollers can also be used as high-chair when your restaurants. Even though you spend more time there, the baby will be comfortable in its stroller.

Keeping these things in mind, a full-sized stroller is the best choice among all the options we have, and it is worth the money spent. It can full fill all the needs and can be an all-in-one stroller for your travel needs.