How Old is Too Old for a Stroller

Often people are at a dilema as to when to choose a stroller for the children. Rather than set out a rule as such as to when to start with a stroller or end with a pram, the best approach is to take a stand depending on the growth of the child as far as possible. There are some children who attain body size much faster than others and there are the laggards who need more time. The right approach is to check to see if the said child can fit into a stroller comfortably when used.

Once the child has made a correct fit to a stroller, then it would be advisable to check if the toddler outgrows the carrier. There is not much into sizes of strollers as such and it is mostly a one size fits all concept that goes to its making.

Understanding the Nature of the Strollers

Understanding the Nature of the StrollersBy the very nature, the strollers are more or less flexible in approach and often the young children are never put to any sort of discomfort. But in case a carrier does seem too small for a particular child, then the next best thing to do would be to look around for a larger one. The very design of the strollers and prams are more with a general approach.

There are instances when a larger than the usual child needs to be accommodated in a stroller and to good effect too. In such cases, than to follow a single plan, it makes sense to be more subjective and understand the requirements to the full as far as possible.

Taking the final call

Fact is that strollers are not exactly cheap to buy and once bought, the customer must take the full advantage of the deal as far as possible. So if the child is seeing to be having strong growth, then the done thing is to start off on to a stroller rather fast and not wait for the pram to be completely discarded.

In this sort of a situation, it is possible for the toddler to be able to use both the pram and the stroller as far as possible. But it is best not to push a stroller too hard as the wear and tear can put the safety of the child at harm’s way.


It does help to be forewarned as far as possible.  Having a toddler use a stroller for a far greater time than his body would permit is not the most desireable issue. But considering the high cost of the product, it takes a certain financial commitment to have people change or replace a stroller most of the time.

There can never be an ideal time to go for a replacement but the most suited method is to stick to a stroller till the product is no longer serviceable or that the child has completely outgrown the use of the stroller.