How to Determine When Your Child is Too Big for the Stroller|7 A.M. Enfant: Children’s Clothing Review

How to Determine When Your Child is Too Big for the Stroller

As much as you may want to keep your baby a baby, they are bound to outgrow that stage of their life. The first sign that your child is usually starting to get bigger is that they start outgrowing items. Some parents try to hold onto things a lot longer. This includes keeping their child in a stroller even when they have outgrown it. It could be possible that they don’t realize their child has outgrown the stroller. Some children enjoy the stroller too much and don’t want to let it go. So how can you determine if your child is too big for the stroller.
Well the first way is really an obvious one. You will begin to notice that they don’t fit any longer in their stroller. Their feet may suddenly begin to touch the ground. Another easy way to tell is that they are walking. Once your child is a good strong walker it may be time to consider getting rid of the stroller. Some parents have noticed that by continuing to use the stroller after their child has been walking for some time they will become dependent on it. This can contribute to a child’s laziness, and for some can start their child off on some very unhealthy habits.

In my case I knew my child was too big for the stroller when they begin to ask for it. Simply because they did not feel like walking they wanted me to get the stroller out. They also wanted to be picked up all the time. This was a clear sign to me that my child was getting too dependent on these devices. The best way to curb this behavior was to just get rid of the stroller. Then when my child began to ask for the stroller I simply told them that the stroller was gone. Of course If you are visiting an amusement park or other public place where you will be doing a lot of walking you may still want to use the stroller. Just try to get your child to do some walking before they set themselves up in the stroller. By the age of three the stroller should no longer have to be in use. By this time your children are getting ready to enter preschool where no one will be carrying them around or pushing them in a stroller. Even if they go out on some type of day trip with their class they will need to be able to keep up without whining or complaining. You can help make this transition easier for them by getting rid of that stroller at least a year before they are due to start school. Remember that getting rid of the stroller is also part of the growing up process. It is very similar to getting rid of the bottle and the pacifier. It may make it easier for the parents to keep the stroller around a bit longer but you will only be delaying some of your child’s development.

7 A.M. Enfant: Children’s Clothing Review

7 A.M. Enfant was created in Paris by a French designer named Rebecca Campora. Soon the child oriented products traveled overseas to New York City and the popularity of the products soared. The current product line includes blankets, stroller covers, outerwear and even mini stroller covers for little girl’s dolls and accessories. The quality of the products is unparallel and they are made with the children using them in mind along with the idea of parents who are on the go and lead a busy lifestyle.
I received a 7 A.M. Enfant blanket to try (The BS36) which measures 30×36 inches. A variety of colors are available- they are striped with two shades of the same color. The outside portion of the blanket is made of a water and wind repellent nylon and the other side (The inside) is lined with a non-pilling microfleece. The inner portion is filled with a comfort insulation making the overall blanket thick, yet not heavy and incredibly warm. This blanket is perfect for cold weather climates and leaves no worry even at the coldest temperatures in the middle of winter if your child is warm. It’s perfect for covering a child when transporting from the car to a building. I have not tried the other covers that 7 A.M. Enfant carries however I would have to assume (Made of the same materials) that these would work great as well. Literally no wind gets through the blanket and precipitation is not an issue due to the high quality nylon outer cover.

This blanket retails at $39 and is well worth the cost. It held up beautifully in the washer and drier. There was no clumping of the interior filling, no pilling of the back side fleece and the nylon cover looked brand new as well. The colors did not fade (When washed in cold water) and no ironing was needed.

The only negative comment I would make regarding the 7 A.M. Enfant blanket (BS36) is that when using along with a stroller, as a cover up for a child, because of it’s thickness and it’s nylon cover it tends not to tuck well around the child and stay in place. I can see the stroller covers working well in this situation, and since the blankets are necessarily made for this usage, I can’t complain about the product at all. It definitely wears well, have many functions, and overall is a great product. It’s made of high quality materials and it’s attractive. I definitely will continue to use this blanket and would keep 7 A.M. Enfant’s other products in mind in the future.

You can visit their website at . A store locater is available and you can also purchase their products right from their website.