Lightweight stroller- all you need to know

When you have a small baby, the best thing that you can have with you is the right stroller. Having a perfect stroller with you is like half the job done. It can bring you the highest level of accessibility and ease that you can expect at this point in your life. Either it is walking in a park or roaming in a mall, your life always demands a perfect stroller when you have an infant with you.

There are varieties of strollers available in the market. Now it is not required to go and visit ten shops and finally decide and pick a stroller. There are many options online and some of the websites offer you the best quality stroller at affordable prices. More than cost and the design, comfort is the thing that you should look for in a stroller.

Things to consider

You may be heading to a mall or a park, or to meet your friend in another country, for life-on the go, you need a stroller when you have a baby. The basic thing that should be considered when buying ta stroller is your own lifestyle. Along with that, you need to consider your budget. After this, there are few logistics that you need to understand before deciding on some stroller. For example, it can be the place where you going to use it the most, the place where you will store it, the number of babies that will be using the stroller, and finally how much stuff baby likes to keep on it.

Dig in more information

Today strollers are available for a minimum of 30 dollars to 1200 dollars. For narrowing down your list, you need to consider your needs and most importantly your budget. The best choice for many people can be the basic one that is umbrella stroller. This is the perfect choice for travel as well.

But there are many strollers that are considered to be high-function ones and they come with extra features like more storage and along with car seats and bassinets. For some people, durability is the main concern and they need their stroller to be used for years. Hence it is very important to be clear about your needs and expectations before preparing a list.

More than anything, the stroller you buy should serve entire baby needs along with the family member who pushes the stroller. It should be easy for mother or father to push it, fold it, and finally store it. There should be enough space for keeping things related to the baby.

Types of strollers

There are many types of strollers. Let’s understand some commonly used types.

  • Full-sized stroller
  • Travel system
  • Car seat carrier
  • Jogging stroller
  • Double stroller
  • Umbrella or lightweight stroller

Even though our main focus is on an umbrella or lightweight stroller, let’s understand all different types of strollers one by one.

Full-sized stroller

If you are planning for a stroller that you can even use throughout the toddler years as well, you need to pick a full-size stroller. Usually, this type is highly durable, sturdier, and even bigger. These are said to be a standard option. There are many varieties in full-size stroller and most of them offer a lot of features.

Even though it is a good choice, you need to understand that full-size strollers are heavy and bulky. If you consider transportation in public, this is a tougher option. It is also not meant for you if you frequently move in busy streets and stairways. If you have a small home, this is not the right choice for you.

Jogging Stroller

If you are a regular jogger, then only it is the right choice. It offers the best suspension. Hence it is the right stroller for a hike, job, and even for walk. This stroller comes with highest flexibility since the front wheel usually swivels.

The most important thing you need to make a note here is jogging strollers are comparatively heavier. Hence it can be challenging for you to assemble them. In case if you have limited space, then this is not the right choice. Unlike lightweight stroller, jogging stroller never folds up as much you expect.

Double Stroller

This is the right choice only when you have twins. Another case where you should think of using this double stroller is if there is an elder kid that never wants to give up the stroller. Tandem and side-by-side are the two main types of double strollers.

These strollers are meant for two kids and obviously, they are bulkier and bigger. Usually, a double stroller weighs almost 40 pounds. It is very important to consider the size or the width of double stroller when you buy.

Car Seat Carrier

These are multifunctional and they can change into car seats for infants.

The most important thing that you should be considering is, these strollers cannot be used for the long term. They are meant for short-term use. You should remember that baby easily outgrows this car seat and it’s a waste.

Travel System

This is the combination of the stroller and the infant car seat. There are more options available. It is offered as a jogging stroller, lightweight, and full-size stroller as well.

Similar to the car seat stroller, even in this case, the baby easily outgrows the travel system. Hence even though it is very useful in the early day, it cannot be used for the long term.

Lightweight or Umbrella Stroller

Last but not least is an umbrella or lightweight stroller. Even though you cannot expect too many features in this stroller, it can be really comfortable to use. This is one of easy-going strollers that is available for affordable price and it is considered to be the best choice among all the strollers available. There is no point in comparing this stroller with the full-size stroller in terms of features since it outweighs when it comes to comfortability.

Let’s understand some of the major advantages of this lightweight stroller type.

  • As you can understand from its name, this type of stroller weighs very less
  • There are lightweight strollers available that weigh just 15 pounds or even less than that
  • These strollers are meant for portability and this is the main reason you need to consider these lightweight strollers
  • There are lightweight strollers that come with straps through which it is easy to carry them
  • The best part is, they are easily foldable
  • You can easily put them in your trunk
  • They are the best choice if you want to carry the stroller even when you travel by train, bus, and airplane
  • If extra features also of main concern along with weight and easy to use, there is nothing to worry about. Since there are many lightweight stroller models that even offer features
  • They come with storage basket, expandable canopy, partial seat recline, snack tray, and even cup-holder that is built-in.

Buying lightweight strollers

The stroller you choose should be reliable, easy-to-use, and even safe. These are some of the very important things that you need to consider when buying lightweight strollers. More than anything, for the budget you decided, you should be picking the right stroller that is durable and comfortable well.

Lightweight strollers are one of the right choices but when buying a lightweight stroller, there are many things that you need to consider. Let’s discuss some of them.


There are varieties of models that are bulky and big. Even though they offer countless features, they may not be useful for you. Hence always thin before buying full-size strollers or stroller that is too heavy. Along with making the baby comfortable, it is also very important that it should be easy to use. The family member that uses and handles the stroller should be highly comfortable with it. They should be able to fold it and store it in the right place without much effort. Hence always think about its usage and then invest in the same.

Comfortable for newborns

It is very important for you to consider the durability and long term use of the stroller when buying it. But meantime you should also check that the lightweight stroller that is available for the best price is comfortable for the newborn baby. There are lightweight strollers that come with features like bassinet mode and deep recline mode.

This type of stroller can be really easy for newborns. You can put them in the stroller from day one without the use of add-on seats. There are also models that offer neck support and that is very much needed for newborn babies till their 5 months. Hence buying a stroller always checks for the instructions and make sure it is safe for infants.

Long term usage

When picking the stroller along with comforts, reliability, and ease-of-use, you need to consider the duration of use as well. Some people may need stroller for less duration and others want to use it for a long time. If you want to use the stroller throughout the toddler stages, then pick the one that supports it. You need to make sure that the stroller is meant for long term use and it will last for years.

Earlier, only full-size strollers and double strollers were recommended for long term use. But today it is not the same and there are many models in lightweight strollers that can be utilized for the long term.

Ease of use

Even though a stroller is budget-friendly and lightweight it may not be easy to use. It is very important to try it once before buying and the family member who handles it often should take a test. It should be easily foldable, storable, and movable. A test drive is very important even though you are buying from some best brand. The most important thing to check is when you push the stroller it should move easily and turn should also be easy. Along with a smooth and flat floor, it should also move easily in rough areas.


This is the most important thing that you need to consider. Even among lightweight strollers, there are some that just weigh less than 15 pounds. There is no need to look for too many features. When the stroller comes with heavy, extra features, they are heavier too. Hence lightweight strollers are the best choice of weight is the main concern. They also come with strap and you just need to fold them when not using and carry them as a bag.

Picking the right lightweight stroller- safety measures

Safety is the most important thing that you should be considering when buying the stroller for your baby. Just thing about hitting the pavement and you will understand how strong and safe a stroller should be before you make the baby sit in it. Of course, today’s stroller models meet all the safety standards even the most basic ones. But there are certain things that you should consider when buying a lightweight stroller.

Safety harness- five-point

When it comes to the basic safety standard, a five-point harness is something that you should be checking in a stroller before buying it. Even though there are many stroller models that even pose three-point harness, it is better to go for five-point harness for utmost safety. Always take a test drive and check the stroller is easy to buckle and it is secured for the baby.

Try putting the brakes

Brakes should be easily operable. To try it completely, you need to put the brake literally and check it. The brake should not operate when it is not required. Along with that, the brakes provided should ensure secure stop.

You should look for Edges and hinges

Always check for little tight spaces in the stroller. If that is present, reject that model. When you are not observing, the baby can easily put its fingers in it and get hurt. Along with that edges should be smooth as well. Sharp edges and protrusions should be avoided.


This is one of the features that you should be looking for in a lightweight stroller. Along with any other comfort, shade can also help the baby to feel comfortable when going in sun. Canopy or the stroller shade should be considered as a basic feature when buying stroller. Pick the model that has SPF protection.


It is also important to look for the reclining features of the stroller. Better to pick the model with the highest or deep reclining option. Try to get the one with flat recline so that baby can easily relax in the stroller. If that comes with car seat, then it is still better since you can easily put the sleeping baby inside the car without any disturbance.

Other Tips on Buying Strollers

Along with all the above, here are a few tips that are helpful in picking the perfect stroller.

Investing in Quality product

There is no point in buying a cheap quality stroller that doesn’t last long. Even though budget is also a main concern, meantime look for the models that are durable, reliable and worth the price. If they do not last long, then you may need to invest again. Rather doing double investments, pick the right model by paying decent amount. Safety is the utmost concern for babies and newborns and hence you should not go for cheaper ones.

Power Steering

This feature can provide you with the highest comfort. You can easily handle the stroller without putting much effort.

Suitable for bad roads

The stroller you pick for the baby should go and withstand all the troubles in the rough road as well. If you pick the one with the plastic wheel, then you are in trouble. I may not last long. So, always pick the one that can withstand all kinds of difficulties on the road.

The test drive is must

As said earlier, even though you have picked a model that is from the best brand and comes with best reviews, you cannot just bring it home without test drive. You are the one who is going to handle the stroller and it should be comfortable for you. You cannot rely on others’ opinions.

Benefits of lightweight strollers

Lightweight strollers or umbrella strollers are considered as one of the must-haves when you have a baby at home. The name umbrella is given to them because of their curved handle that is in an umbrella shape. They are one of the best choices since they can easily fold up. They look very compact when you fold them. Of course they are lightweight and you can handle them easily. They should be easily carried when you are planning for a small trip.

  • Lightweight strollers are very useful and they are easy to lift
  • They can be easily moved when you are on road and going on a shopping
  • When you are not using, just use the strap and hang it like a bag
  • They are easily carried even in the airport
  • They are the right choice when none of the other strollers are fitting in your car

Lightweight strollers are the right choice either you have only one stroller or you want a lightweight option along with other highly featured strollers. Since they are affordable, you can keep the one in your car and never take it back home for emergencies.

Lightweight strollers are considered to be the best choice in many scenarios. Even though you can afford a highly features stroller, you should put a lot of effort into handling it. It is very easy to handle the lightweight stroller and anyone can fold it and unfold it when required. Suitability and adaptability are the two major things that you can expect from a lightweight stroller. This is the best and smallest pram that you can try.

The best part is, even in lightweight strollers now there are varieties of models and some even come with certain extra features. Lightweight strollers are the best choice if you are in search of an everyday use pram and it will serve you with all your needs. Even though there are certain extra features that are present in full-size strollers for which may get attracted, they may not be necessary for everyday life.

There is no point in buying heavy strollers with heavy features and then you find it difficult to handle it. When you think of using it on a daily basis, it is important to check ease of use. More than anything you will be in stress and you easily get tired when there is an infant at home. More than anything the stroller you buy should make your job easy and comfortable rather easting most of your energy.

Bottom Line

The most important thing is lightweight strollers are inexpensive. Along with all other demands you cannot spend too much on a baby stroller arrives. So, it is better to keep your expenditure in line and buy a stroller that is affordable.

One more thing is, lightweight stroller always demands very less space. Along with baby stuff and other things, it is difficult to make room for a baby stroller in your home. So, always buy a lightweight, easily foldable stroller that you can store in little space.

More than anything, all the lightweight strollers are easily maneuverable. This is the best part. They can be turned easily and they easily move on all kinds of floors. The only thing is you need to pick the one with five-point harness since that is the standard of modern lightweight strollers. There are three main things that you should be considered along with the budget when buying a lightweight stroller. They are the stroller should be durable, safe, and comfortable to use. More than this, there is no worry to think about anything else. Just pick the perfect one and test drive it.

A stroller is one of the must-haves when the baby arrives home. Hence it is necessary to pick the right one because you will use it often with your baby. Make a list of few strollers and based on your needs, requirements, and place of use narrow down the list. Finally, pick the one that meets the standard and the product that you can use for a longer duration.