Pockit Lightweight Baby Umbrella Stroller

This is an umbrella type of baby stroller that can be carried around with ease most of the time.  Body weight of fewer than ten pounds makes it an ideal portable model. It is designed to take one-handed pushing and steering an easy thing to do. The fold action is through a  process which can be executed with ease. With one of the lightest weight construction, the stroller can be counted on to be loaded on to most spaces with ease.

There are not many color combinations and few people, however, have complained as to the use of dual tone color umbrella type of baby strollersystem.  There is an above average harness system that can keep a toddler secure and well tied in. One of the strong points of the product is the rather flexible construction style which enables the wriggly children to be carried on safely too. A convenient foot panel enables the babies to keep the foot rested on a secure place as compared to just dangling it around.

A well-designed canopy keeps the sun away for most parts of the day.  The reclining nature of the seat back enables the stroller to be used as a convenient bed at all times. The swivel action on the wheels enable the easy steering and move through traffic most of the time.


If it is a lightweight stroller that the customer is seeking to buy, then the Pockit+ is just what the market has to offer. The umbrella design makes it easy to move around and enables the quick loading and unloading of the stroller all the time. Certainly, a budget buys for the features on offer and the price that it commands.


  • Lightweight in construction and easily foldable in use.
  • Simple two-step action to fold away the stroller which is a first in the product type.
  • Hard to wear and tear fabric enables the user to utilize it to the best extent possible.


  • Lack of an effective roll bar on the top and sides is a hazard.
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