Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Done in an all black, multi-weather fabric, the lightweight stroller can be very portable, to say the least.  The use of some of the toughest of wheels enables the product to be used as a portable and maneuverable piece at all times.  Weighing in under ten pounds, the stroller can be carried to wherever the owner intends to go without any hassles. The all-black color not just gives the product a powerful look and appearance, but tends to make it suited to all sorts of situations as well.

Few people would want to miss out on the set of wheels that is the Pockit stroller which in effect is a good jogger stroller as well.  The stroller can hold a toddler of 55 pounds weight and can carry accessories of up to 11 pounds.  There is a secure and adjustable harness system that enables the toddler to be securely bound into the stroller.  A pair of wheels at each corner brings on an added stability and ease of steering the toughest of corners as well.

From the look of the strollerFrom the look of the stroller, it is evident that it can take a fair bit of punishment before it can be broken or needing repairs.  The profile is such that it takes a fair bit of load on the wheels as well.  A shield at the top of the seat enables the toddler to be protected from the sun and rain. A reclining back of the seat is more than just convenient to have around most of the time.


A very practical piece of equipment to have which is portable too due to the lightweight construction of the stroller. At the same time, it can take a fair amount of battering before it can be broken down. Certainly value for money proposition to the customer.


  • Multi-point seat belt enables the easy securing of the child at all times and under any travel conditions.
  • A high grip handle enables the parent to keep a straight profile as possible. A blessing for those long walks and runs.
  • Strong weather resistant fabric enables the stroller to last a whole lot more than comparable models from the competitors all the time.


A stronger tubular style could have added a lot more strength to the product.

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