Runabout Triplet Stroller & Graco Vienna Stroller a Great Product for Parents

Runabout Triplet Stroller:

One of the biggest problems facing new triplet moms is the stroller. While there are a hand full on the market, by far the best made stroller with the the best resale value is the runabout. You really can not get a better value for the money and it will last a lifetime.
There are such cute strollers for singletons, and twins, but when it comes to HOM, high order multiples, cute goes out the window. The Runabout stroller does not come close to being cute, but it is the best stroller on the market for triplets. In fact it is very industrial looking, from its bicycle style seats, you know the ones that you use on the back of your bikes for your child to sit in, yes those are the seats. The rest of the stroller is metal. It is very sturdy, streamline and the stroller to get.

Unlike the other triplet strollers on the market with the runabout you can put it in the back of an SUV and or Minivan without taking it apart, all you have to do is lower the handle bar. If you do not want to put it in the back of your car, you can get the hitch and cover and simply put it on the back of your car.

The new tires on the runabout can not be punctured, so there is no need to ever replace them. The seats come with a thin, yet comfortable cushion insert and have a five point harness for your child’s safety. You can recline the seats or have them sitting up. Just remember to have the heaviest child seated in the back with the lightest in the front.

The many accessories for the Runabout include water bottles and water bottle holders, a sun shield, rain shield,basket for storage, car carrier, and car cover.

One of the best aspects of the triplet runabout stroller is that you can use it till each child gets up to 50 lbs in weight. I admit that I stopped using mine long before that.

Most other triplet strollers are set up to where all three children will site side by side, with the runabout the seats are tandem, one after another in a row. This makes taking the stroller and your children out in public much easier, getting in and out of doors and down aisles is possible without too much commotion. I even found that with other brands it was impossible to get into most doors and you had to take the strollers apart, completely apart in order to get them into your car, suv van etc.

So if you find yourself expecting triplets, you should check out the runabout. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Graco Vienna Stroller a Great Product for Parents:

Now that my daughter is getting older, we will soon be parting with one of the most important items we ever bought for our little girl; her stroller.
The Graco Vienna Stroller has become a very important part of our lives since purchasing it. We live in a town that has almost everything in walking distance and, rather than drive, we usually go to stores, restaurants and my parents’ house on foot. In fact, I’ve had my car for almost 3 years now and I only have 12,000 miles on it (3,000 of those from a trip across country this past summer). I believe the Vienna Stroller might have more miles on it.

The thing that first attracted us to the Graco Vienna Stroller was the space. Even though our daughter was no longer in diapers and didn’t need a diaper bag any more we still needed the space for things like my wife’s purse, drinks and the occasional aluminum can we would find on the ground while on our walks. The Vienna Stroller has a large basket for items like that plus a smaller compartment for smaller items.

Since our daughter likes to take a drink with her when we walk and sometimes wants a snack, the front tray was a necessity. The deep cup holders are an added bonus since many of the sidewalks in this town are worn out and the bumps would cause drinks to fall out of shallower cup holders.

Two things I love about the Vienna Stroller. First, it’s easy to maneuver. My parents have a similar stroller and you have to struggle to get it to make a turn with it. The Graco Vienna Stroller is much easier to control and we’ve taken it into smaller stores with limited walking space and had no problems moving it between the shelves and displays.

The other thing I love is how easy it is to fold up when you’re not using it. The stroller we owned previously would take two people to fold it. You could almost fold the Vienna Stroller with one hand and it folds up enough where I can stash it behind a door when it’s not being used (again, something we couldn’t do with our previous stroller).

What is even more amazing is just how durable the Vienna Stroller is. Between the bumpy sidewalks, the lack of ramps at the corners (meaning we have to take the stroller over a raised curb) and the number of times I have dropped the stroller or sat something on it while it was in the trunk of our car, you would think it would have some damage to it by now. But, it is still in as good of shape as the day we bought it.

If you are a parent of an infant or a toddler, you won’t find a better product than this one.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids with a Shopping Theme:

Small kids love mimicking even the most mundane adult tasks. Young girls and boys love pushing kid-sized vacuums, strollers and shopping carts. If your child is one of them, consider throwing a shopping-themed birthday party.
A shopping themed birthday party idea works both indoors and out, as long as you’ve got enough space to accommodate the activities. For your shopping themed party, you’ll need room for shelves, commodities (gifts), shopping carts, a checkout stand, and the money earning activities.

A shopping themed party offers more than just a fun way for kids to feel like a grown-up for a day. The activities involved are a great way for kids to learn the value of work and money.


A new, kid-sized shopping cart costs about $20. You may be able to find cheap used carts by perusing local thrift stores,, or garage sales. Another idea is to use wagons (for an outdoor birthday party) or cheap baskets. You’ll also need commodities for your shopping themed birthday party. For about $10, you can find dozens of gifts at your local dollar store. Party favors, stuffed animals, erasers, pencils, coloring books, little cars, wands, and fairy wings are a few ideas for what to stock at your birthday party. Candy is another idea. You’ll need to affix each item with a price tag. Unless you intend to use change, whole dollars from 1 to 9 would be best. Find free, printable fake money online. You’ll also need a cash register. If you don’t want to buy one, you can always make one out of cardboard. However, in that case, you’ll need to provide the beeping sound effects.


What child hasn’t heard the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees?” The kids need to work for their dough via a fun birthday party activity. Some money earning ideas include having the kid’s race or toss bean bags or balls. Another idea is to have musical chairs with an envelope taped under each chair with $1 to $3 in it. Or spray paint gravel or small rocks gold and hide them around the house or yard. Kids can then trade them in for dollars. You can even give the kids $1 upon entering the party to start them off.

Once the kids have finished the activities and earned their money, they can come into the store and purchase their goods, which they will be able to keep once the birthday party’s over.