The Best Running Strollers to Help You Cover More Miles

Between a sweating work routine and occupied individual life, it very well may be difficult to find time to run. If you have a baby, then forget that you will have any free time. Luckily, you can keep up your health good without springing for a babysitter, on account of another type of running baby strollers that have every one of the highlights you have to serenely take care of distance.

Beginning Early

Most experts will propose you don’t take your kid out in a running baby stroller until they’re about a year old—they need the option to have the option to hold up their heads. While a few of us may push that advice, you can get a prior begin by picking hardware that changes over from a standard kid stroller to an infant model. Such models have supports to swap out the texture situate for an increasingly protective vehicle seat.

Bigger Wheels

Try not to try and consider running with that City Mini you got for a shower gift. The little wheels aren’t steady enough, and the kid stroller won’t have the suspension expected to safely deal with running paces. Rather, search for committed running models that have bigger wheels, which move all the more easily at quicker paces and better retain knocks in walkways and streets.

Lock the Front Wheel

Most running carriages presently highlight wheels that can both swivel and be secured in the straight-ahead position. For running, you need that wheel bolted. If it’s permitted to swivel, it will cause instability and you could crash. As you slow, enabling the wheel to swivel makes it simpler to direct while strolling.

Bob Rambler

Make certain to bolt the front wheel before you begin running. Open it for better mobility when utilizing the baby strolling at walking speeds.

Flexible Handle Height

If two guardians intend to utilize the kid stroller, search for a model that has a customizable handle. Numerous snap into at any rate three positions, so shorter sprinters can run as serenely as taller guardians. It might sound like a little trouble, yet your shoulders and arms will thank you toward the finish of any tolerably long kept running in the driver’s seat.

Do You Need a Hand Brake?

A hand brake can be a great expansion to a running baby stroller if you live in an uneven zone. The brake enables you to keep up structure and pace when running downhill, as opposed to reclining to keep from losing control of the kid stroller. This may not be a major ordeal on little grades, however with long steeps slopes, a hand brake can enable you to keep up great structure, and security.


Let’s be honest, you’re going to utilize more exertion pushing a 25-pound kid stroller and 15 or more pound infant—particularly if any of your routes is uphill. In this way, overlook the watch and appreciate the mileage. The baby stroller is a liberating apparatus that gives you a chance to get in a run when you’d generally not have the option to. We’ve discovered the time with our kid can likewise be one of learning: A game we like to play is to give our youngster a chance to reveal to us whether to turn left or right. If you truly should get in a speed exercise, search for one of the quicker models down below and search out level land—or hire a sitter.

How We Tested

Each baby stroller on this list has been altogether assessed and considered. We look into the market, overview user review, speak product managers and engineers, and utilize our very own experience running while at the same time pushing these carriages to decide the best choices. Our group of experienced analyzers spent numerous hours and miles utilizing them for their proposed reason. We’ve done easy runs with little kids, long runs with big kids, and even ran errands to test cargo capacity. We assessed them on performance, value, comfort, taking care of, significant worth, unwavering quality, and amusing to think of this rundown of kid stroller that will best serve the requirements of guardians hoping to keep running with their kids.


1.Thule Chariot Cross

For parents who need to keep running outside all year, in any climate

  • Cost: $1,050
  • Thule Chariot Cross Jogging Kit

On the off chance that you intend to run all year with your kid—wind, rainfall, and snow be accursed—the Chariot Cross is the stroller you need. It changes over from a moving baby stroller to a bicycle trailer and even a cross-country ski sled. The front is secured by a screen and plastic shield, making a defensive bubble to keep your children sheltered and warm. A child was pushed into a snowstorm that dumped 6 crawls of snow and she was sticky inside, cuddled under her covers. While the Chariot is bigger than different models, it rolls easily, particularly on level ground. It’s additionally accessible in a twofold wide model on the off chance that you have a couple of tots to push.

2.Bounce Rambler

The pleasant choice for apartment owners or sprinters who need a compact kid stroller for movement

  • Cost: $360
  • Weight: 25.3 lb
  • Drifter Jogging Stroller
  • $359.99

The smaller Rambler is perfect for city occupants or anybody with less space. Because of 12-inch wheels origami-like fold-flat design plan, it fits easily into the trunk of almost all mid-sized cars and exploring swarmed market walkways was a snap. The little wheels don’t deal with uneven streets just as bigger models and the entire thing feels somewhat tippy when you use it with a heavier baby—the baby buggy is evaluated to 75 pounds, however, the 55-pound 6-year-old appeared to push the limits. In any case, you become accustomed to that rapidly and still get the decent highlights found on other BOB models, like bump-absorbing shocks, a generous canopy, and one-handed recline adjustment.


This epic structure gives you a chance to run quick and swing your arms unreservedly

  • Cost: $895
  • Weight: 19 lb
  • KidRunner RUN
  • $795.00

This choice resembles an old Roman chariot yet has modern, techy design highlights with genuine advantages. Rather than pushing your child, you strap the KidRunner to your waist and tow your little gladiator behind you. The arrangement let our analyzers run more normally than with different models, uninhibitedly swinging our arms as opposed to being fastened to a handlebar. Furthermore, the thin structure cuts through the breeze, so you don’t feel like you’re pushing a boat on a breezy day. The cushioned midsection outfit adjusts weight perfectly, so you feel just a slight pull when quickening or motoring tough. What’s more, we adore that its delicate shaking movement sent our child to Lala land on almost every run. New for 2019: The KidRunner is currently accessible as a bicycle trailer and a cross country ski setup, similar to the Thule Chariot Cross above.

4.Thule Chariot Lite

A great incentive for an all year running baby buggy

  • Cost: $850
  • Weight: 25.8 lb
  • Thule Chariot Lite Sport Stroller $749.95

Need the adaptability of the Chariot Cross however can’t understand the high sticker price? The Chariot Lite has a large number of similar highlights with only a couple of trade-offs to set aside your cash. Like the Cross, the Lite can be utilized as a running carriage, bicycle trailer, and even a cross-country ski rig—in any circumstance, your child remains warm and dry inside the bubble-like construction. However, the Lite doesn’t have a leaning back seat, movable suspension, or the load stockpiling compartment. Elder children who don’t have to nap likely won’t grumble, so it might be good for purchasing this running stroller and putting the extra $200 toward another pair of running shoes.

5.Bounce Revolution Flex 3.0

Simple, one-handed operation for guardians in a hurry

  • Cost: $450
  • Weight: 28.5 lb
  • Bounce Gear
  • Upheaval Flex 3.0

The newest Revolution Flex has extra storage and a cozy cockpit for your child. Our analyzer’s 19-month-old child can’t talk enough to tell her mom exactly how comfortable it was, however, the Flex 3.0 offered him more space in spite of the edge being more reduced than different kid strollers she’d tried. The new seat is planned utilizing pressure cushioning as you’d find in a kayak, so your child won’t protest as you leg out another mile on your long run. Likewise, our analyzer valued the new zip pocket over the canopy, which was enormous enough for her iPhone and kept it inside simple reach. It’s important that you don’t need to stress over the speed-release wheels; the Flex 3.0’s front wheel is bolted to the fork.

6.Allen Sports SST1 Trailer/Jogger

An incredible worthy item that changes itself from jogging stroller to a bike trailer

  • Cost: $200
  • Weight: 31 lb
  • Allen Sports
  • SST1 Child Jogger Trailer
  • $179.97

The SST1 has a strong steel outline that will outlive the time you go through running with your child. We thought that it was’ anything but difficult to assemble straight out of the crate—our test editorial manager didn’t have to utilize the guidelines—and it rapidly changes over between a jogging stroller and a trailer utilizing the provided hitch pins. When the child is sitting in the stroller, the long wheelbase and low focus of gravity make it steady and simple rolling. There are a couple of tradeoffs, be that as it may, at the more spending plan well-disposed cost: First, it doesn’t fall, so you’ll need space in your garage to store it upstanding. What’s more, the seat doesn’t lean back, so you might need to hold up until your child is more like two years old before wandering out—they’ll fall forward when they nod off.

7.Infant Jogger Summit X3

  • Huge wheels, hand brake, and delicate stuns make it incredible for running on the street or off
  • Cost: $430
  • Weight: 28.4 lb
  • Infant Jogger
  • Summit X3 Single Stroller
  • $429.99 $349.99 (19% off)

The X3’s huge 16-inch back wheels, suspension, and hand brake make it the beefy SUV of the pack—it rolled simply over roots and crossed stone paths (and helped keep my four-year-old’s cup of Lucky Charms from spilling when we kept running rough terrain). Be that as it may, it additionally felt incredible on city roads, where it removed the edge from the broke landing area and was anything but difficult to move. In spite of the fact that the X3 costs more than some others, it’s stacked with features: A hand brake includes control soak downhills, the tremendous retractable sun canopy has plentiful venting, the back wheels fly on and off effectively (the front is somewhat trickier to get to) and the edge overlays level in seconds with one hand.

8.Graco Road Master

  • Budget stroller however completely reliable
  • Cost: $180
  • Weight: 28.8 lb
  • Street Master Jogger Stroller
  • $183.67

This budget kid stroller costs half as much as the greater part of the models here, however, has pleasant features that make it a strong worth. The 16-inch back wheels help it roll easily and the freight bin underneath is enormous enough to hold a bag of groceries or a menagerie of stuffed animals. At this cost, consider a few tradeoffs. The brakes, while they are good, require using two pedals to work and there is an issue in the frame’s pivot joint, which gave the Road Master a more unpleasant ride than a few (the absence of suspension didn’t help either). All things considered, it’s a pleasant affordable alternative—and you can utilize the cash you spared to purchase all the more running gears.

9.Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Why it’s good

Highlighting enormous tires and a swiveling front wheel for simple mobility, this carriage can deal with an easygoing run or multi-day at the zoo. A roomy, under-situate capacity bin, kid tray and a parent tray are incredible additional highlights for such a reasonable baby stroller.

While it handles well on smooth asphalt, the Expedition isn’t generally intended for no-hardcore sprinters or off-roading as it comes up short on the shocks and the sling-style seat expected to absorb bunches of knocking around. It’s best utilized for the occasional sweat or the whole day outside with your little.

  • Extra Specs
  • Kid buggy Weigh 26 lbs
  • Age Range – 6 months up to 50 lbs or 42″ tall

10.Graco FastAction Fold Jogger

Why it’s Good

The FastAction Fold Jogger satisfies its name—it includes a one-handed fold, and it’s similarly as simple to unfold, too. Another thing? The running stroller stands upstanding all alone when folded: the just one on this rundown with that desired capacity. It also has a storage space.

Like the Baby Trend Expedition, this carriage isn’t intended for serious sprinters. It doesn’t have the best possible suspension, nor is it simple to push and direct when you’re starting to sweat. Furthermore, notwithstanding for ordinary use, this stroller is heavier than most.

  • Extra Specs
  • Baby buggy Weight    30 lbs
  • Age Range    Up to 50 lbs



11.Weave Revolution FLEX Stroller – $299.99

Custom comfort is the name of the game with the FLEX. Highlighting a flexible handlebar with nine distinct positions, this running kid stroller is the ideal answer for parents of different heights. The tracking knob is loved, an element that effectively amends the running stroller from inclining to the other side, a typical issue among many running strollers.

This running stroller has many things, however, lightweight isn’t one of them. (Nor is compact, shockingly.) You can’t beat it for running, however, it’s presumably not an incredible decision to serve as a regular carriage as well. What’s more, make sure to pursue all usage directions bearings and secure the front wheel to the fork of the carriage before heading off to get your sweat on. Note: There’s additionally the Bob Revolution PRO, with hand-initiated back brakes, which can prove to be useful in bumpy territories.

  • Extra Specs
  • Carriage Weight:    28.5 lbs
  • Age Range:    Up to 75 lbs

12.Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Why it is good

This smooth, versatile carriage is agile enough to explore urban settings or take rough terrain. Large rear and all-wheel suspension make for a smooth ride regardless, and a handlebar turn break implies it’s simpler to remain responsible for the carriage’s heading, particularly on the downhill territory.

The undercarriage storage crate has a weatherproof covering, which is extraordinary if you keep running into some downpour while you’re out running, yet can be difficult to get your diaper pack in and out.

  • Extra Specs
  • Baby buggy Weight    23 lbs
  • Age Range    From birth with a baby vehicle seat and connector up to 75 lbs (roughly 5 years of age)
  • Best Lightweight Jogging Stroller

13.Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Why We Love It

Jogging Strollers aren’t known for being lightweight, yet saying something as probably the lightest single out our rundown, the Joovy doesn’t forfeit capacity or features. A straight rear axle keeps this running stroller running, great, straight and an aluminum casing keeps it light. There’s additionally a parent organizer, car seat adaptor abilities and a comfortable shock retaining suspension system.

Guardians love the XL shade for great sun protection. They don’t love the metal bar over the storage capacity, making it tricky to effectively stash a diaper sack.

  • Extra Specs
  • Baby buggy Weight:    25.7 lbs
  • Age Range:    Up to 75 lbs


These two are some of the honorable mention in the list.

14.Child Jogger Summit X3 Single Jogging Stroller

Why it is good


A blend of a conventional and a jogger-style carriage, the Summit X3 has off-road soundness, a hand brake to slow down the running stroller and a handlebar control to move the front wheel from a bolted position to swivel mode.

easy and simple

The UV 50+ climate shelter proves to be useful when you’re all over the place, and a one-hand fold makes it easy and simple to open and close.

A few guardians have noticed that while the baby buggy pushes well while running, attempting to hold the handle unfaltering can get tedious after some time.  

control comfort

The Chicco Tre performance accompanies advantageous highlights that aren’t found in the vast majority of the running kid strollers lists. It’s intended to provide parents with extreme control readily available, all thanks to the TRE control comfort. The way toward locking the swivel front haggle the deceleration brake and stopping brake is hand-activated to make it exceptionally simple for you to work this carriage notwithstanding when you’re running along. the handlebars can be effectively changed per various positions for a customized and comfortable pushing position to guardians of various heights. Stunningly better, you can alter the riding experience of this running stroller over various kinds of territories on account of the foot-initiated movable FlexCore suspension that empowers guardians to pick between a firm ride reasonable for running or a delicate ride for typical walking. You can fold this running kid stroller compactly with only one hand to empower it to fit in all respects effectively in the trunk of a little family vehicle. It likewise remains independent from anyone else once it’s folded so you can put it securely in a safe spot.

Safety and protection

It’s additionally good with the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat vehicle that is anything but difficult to install every time you need to take your infant with you on those long runs around the city. Given your child’s wellbeing and solace, it includes a five-point security harness to help keep your infant secured when in a hurry. The sitting position can be leaned back to five distinct positions with only one hand to furnish your infant with an appropriate sitting position for extreme comfort. Both the 12″ front wheel 16″ back wheels are air-filled to make this stroller roll easily and less bulky to push along.

We like how the canopy can be stretched out right down to shield your child from daylight and rainfall. The lively textures utilized on this running kid buggy are intended to make the life of guardians simple and helpful since they are solid, simple to clean and water repellent during blustery seasons. The parent tray included isn’t huge however it gives simply enough space to accommodate your telephone, keys and few of your child’s things.


All things considered, this is an extraordinary running stroller with no genuine blemishes to report about. It’s likewise not hard to collect it and it has outstanding amongst other form characteristics notwithstanding when contrasted with other top of the line running carriages available.

15.Graco Fastaction Fold

As probably the one of the best in the running baby strollers class, the graco fastaction fold jogger is equipped with amazing features but then it comes at a sensibly reasonable cost. Built in view of versatility, the carriage weighs just 30 pounds, therefore, making it lightweight enough and thanks to the fastaction fold feature it can likewise be folded up in one second in this manner making it ideal for any parent who is consistently in a hurry. Once folded, it locks itself and stands on its own on the off chance that you need to place it in a protected spot. As far as storage concerns, it has an additional storage capacity fit for holding the vast majority items, for example, food, toys, and diapers. There’s additionally a parent tray with two deep cup holders together with a protected smartphone holder so you can have enough space to keep all that you need inside arm’s reach. The child tray for holding sippy cups, jugs and bites can be rotated or completely evacuated to make it extremely simple for you to lift your child in or out of the seat.


We like the locking front wheels that accommodate unrivaled mobility while as yet making it simple to progress from the typical every day walking around running regardless of whether it’s inside or outside. The tires are loaded up with air to offer suspension required for smooth rides on various sorts of landscapes. For much more solace for your infant, the seat is cushioned and it includes graco’s multi-position lean back component so guardians can locate the correct sitting position that suits their infant. The convertible 3-point and 5-point bridle guarantee your child is secured on the seat when you’re running along. It additionally has an additional enormous canopy with the goal that your infant can appreciate the rides while getting enough security from the bright daylight.

Be that as it may, it’s essential to remember that this jogging stroller is tremendous and not compact enough for it to serenely fit in the trunk of a little vehicle. It likewise comes up short on a handbrake which is something we feel ought to be standard for any running stroller. Notwithstanding, everything else about this running kid buggy is simply phenomenal.

So, this is a generally excellent running stroller that any parent can get their hands on and be exceptionally dazzled. The entire running stroller is likewise extremely simple to amass and it feels strong and safe and it additionally rides great.