The Stroller That Keeps You On Your Feet

I’m guessing you have a baby along the way, or you already do, and is stressing from what to feed them, how to feed them, what kind of clothes they need, how they are supposed to travel? At what age do they stop sleeping in a crib? And so on, there are endless questions that almost every parent has.

Questions Beyond Age

Even as the child gets older, the questions don’t seem to stop either. The most important thing about a child is the amount of safety they receive. Babies are fragile, they’re like glass, drop it, and it’ll break. That’s how babies are. So as a parent, it ideal to know how to increase their safety measures; being cautious is not a problem. To ensure that your child receives the correct safety procedures, be more careful and more aware of what is around them.

Stroller – a safe place for Babies

When a baby is born, the safest place for a baby is in a stroller. You may assume that it would be in the arms of the mother, and to some true extent. A mother is all you need to be safe, but in situations, she won’t be enough. There could be instances where she has the risk of dropping the baby if not carefully handled when she is carrying the baby, or if she has her hands full, she won’t be able to pick up her child, and this doesn’t go for just mothers, it goes for fathers, aunts, uncles, guardians, basically anyone who is looking after a baby. They will also require help from time to time, and the baby stroller is the perfect opportunity. Because all the baby has to do is sit and enjoy, and it so much easier for parents as all they have to do is push the stroller and keep their hands free for other things. The most suitable stroller for a baby would have to be the Bob stroller; the details will be discussed below.

What is this stroller that’s catching the eyes of parents?

Strollers are a pretty common item when it comes to babies; every house with a baby has one. And various types of strollers are made for comfort, convenience, durability, some are even made to accompany two, sometimes three, that great for anyone with twins or triplets. Several companies are there that produce strollers like Garco, Bugaboo, Peg Perego, Maclaren, Quinny, and so much more. Strollers are highly demanded, as there have been over four million strollers sold each year in the United States.

Now all of this demand could be for just regular everyday strollers, the ones that are used when going out to the store or taking your child to the park, a regular everyday thing. But another regular thing is jogging. Having a baby and is not an easy task, you have to endure hours and hours of pain, and you’re still going to be left with the excess pregnancy fat for quite some time. And losing it could be more complicated than having a baby. But there’s not enough time for you to go out to the gym and spend a couple of hours sweating from something that doesn’t involve the baby. It’s just too hard, so the best option is to run or jog with the baby. This is where this stroller comes in handy. So if you’re a full-time mom or an athlete that can’t stop training and can’t be away from their babies, this is the choice for them. And not only women but men as well, they can also continue with what they are doing without having to worry about the baby.

These strollers are taking over in the jogging or fitness market, with high demand and sales are skyrocketing through the roofs when first introduced into the market in 1997, with modifications made in 2005. These strollers are designed especially for jogging purposes with only three wheels. The anatomy is less than complicated, but when the assembly is required, it may take up quite a bit of time.

Strollers – What is it made of?

The stroller is composed of various parts, which are all beneficial. It has got a handlebar, a handlebar release lever, canopy, accessory adapter, seat harness, shock release knob, swing arm, swivel knob, tracking knob, speedy delivery lever, low boy cargo basket, wrist strap, seatback pocket, frame release handle, and a parking brake. The swivel knobs, which are connected to the front wheel, are the parts that make the stroller turn without having any complications such as taking sharp turns and having the risk of the baby falling out. Unlike other strollers with four wheels, which can be difficult to turn and maneuver in tricky, and rough terrains, this one isn’t. That is why this stroller is so eye-catching to most parents.

It’s essential to read the manual when setting it up because it can be a bit tricky. I would say it is much more complicated than assembling home furniture. That’s for sure. But the manual has set by set instructions that should be easy to follow. It also details in the warnings and how old the child should be to ride in it, at least six to eight months.

Why is this the stroller for you?

Now, like said before, there are plenty of strollers designed for specific uses and certain age groups. And just as much as the stroller is essential for the child as they will be sitting in it locked away for multiple hours, the stroller is essential for the parents as well. Bob stroller is packed with numerous benefits that affect both the child and the parent.

First of all, we know that this stroller is intended for jogging purposes, so this is an excellent method for all mothers too starts losing that extra baby weight. Yes, you say you won’t have time, looking after the baby, or if you are away from your baby, you feel emotional and miss the. And all of it is normal, but when you have this stroller, you can kill two birds with one stone. And it necessarily has to used when running, a walk or stroll along the park will do just fine. Plus, when spending more time with your child outdoors, it allows them to be more developed and aware of nature.

Strollers help you connect with environment

Your quality time with your child is extremely important, so you must be able to connect with your child in any environment. So not only are you losing weight, but you’re also developing and maintaining healthy connections with your child.

Now, this is good for the parents, but come on, they aren’t the ones that are going to be stuck in it the whole day, are they? This stroller is the epitome of comfort; it has all the things that a child needs when wanting to be comfortable. Comfort and safety are the most important things to look out for when buying a stroller; if they aren’t satisfied, then they are not going to be safe either. It a rational reason to think so, I mean, I would. This I why this stroller is equipped with the best. It has a multi-position recline, which means if your child falls asleep in an upright position, which is not comfortable at all, I mean I’m not comfortable when falling asleep on a chair, so imagine how your child feels, that’s why you can comfortably recline it backward with a one-handed squeeze.

Comforting Add-ons on Strollers

It also has padded seat insert; this provides extra comfort support, especially for smaller children, as strollers tend to have a lot of room it can cause the babies to move around, which means that they won’t be stable in the strollers. So, the extra padding ensures that your child will remain in one place rather than being moved also prevents the babies’ heads from moving from side to side.

Strollers – Adjustable Options

This stroller is exceptionally adjustable in specific points. It has got adjustable footrests; this is great as it allows the babies not to have their knees touching their elbows so that they will feel less cramped, and this is great when they are sleeping as their feet can be laid flat. Thus, comfort at its best. It has also got an adjustable backrest, which means that the babies can stay upright and be reclined when needed to. So, they won’t be in one position for too long and start getting stiff. This is just not good for a baby back, they are highly fragile, so it’s essential to keep them comfortable, making sure that no muscles are being strained.

Reversible Seats

It also comes with a reversible seat. A reversible seat where the seat can turn from one direction to another, so this allows the baby to have visible access to either what is in front, or they have the chance to look at their parents. Babies need both, as it is love and affection that they receive from their parents, and the beauty of nature that they experience as a child. Even though they are still small, it’s essential to get them into the habit. But most parents tend to keep their children facing them and reverse the seat once they get older, I guess it is just an extra safety precaution that they take to ensure the safety of their child.

Another thing that this stroller offers is the removable child tray. It has got a cup holder and deep-sided walls to prevent and reduce the amount of spilling they do. I mean, babies are a messy group of people, it only gets better as they get older. So, during their time in the stroller, they can enjoy a couple of snacks as they stroll.

Stroller keeps your kiddo busy

It is the perfect way to keep your child busy as they will be munching and not fussing and crying over the snacks that have just been spilled because that doesn’t happen in this stroller. Now, these are all perfect for the baby, they have everything they need from adjustable footrests to a high-quality canopy which blocks the sun, wind, rain, and any harmful UV rays that are possible of doing any harm to your child, as babies’ skin is much more sensitive than our own. But what is in it for the parents is the question?

There are just as many benefits for parents as there are for the children. First of all, consider the frame of the stroller, it is made with aluminum, which means that it is lightweight, so very easy to pick up and carry, you won’t have to break your back anymore. And the ones with a steel frame that has a powder coating increase the strength and durability of the stroller, and there will be fewer scratches and chips so it can be kept for many years, if you have a kid now you can save the stroller and use it in another couple of years for your next baby. This is a very cost-effective method, you won’t have to buy a new stroller each time you have a baby, and it gives your wallet a quick breather.

Be at Ease with Strollers

And as the stroller has both adjustable and reversible handles, it gives the parents a bit of ease. With the adjustable handles, you can use it single-handed, it just provides an easy way to push the stroller with one hand. And with the reversible handles, you can either choose to face your precious baby’s face or enjoy the view that they are viewing as well. Furthermore, it essential to take into consideration the breaks; you don’t want your child flying out of the seat, ending up on the ground hurt and bruised. Thus, the front and rear wheel suspension are important as it ensures that the breaks are activated on both wheels at the same time.

Moreover, this stroller is just created to give you the full benefits at such ease, with a folding lock, travel system stroller, flat fold, standing upright when folded are just incredible. And all of it can be done so quickly. This is definitely why you should consider investing in this type of stroller if you have a baby on the way.

Disadvantages of using strollers

However, some disadvantages have to be pointed out. The biggest one is the cost. It is costly, and some way, wonder why to spend so much on a stroller if it is only going to be for a couple of years. The prices can range from $100 to over $600, which is a pretty hefty price to pay for a stroller. And the thing is you may not use it as much as you think you would. As this stroller is designed for jogging, you may feel that you are going to be running every day, but the reality is that you will spend your time walking the stroller after the exhausting day you had with your child. Come on let’s be real, children drain our batteries, and it takes time to recharge, all you probably want to do sleep, running isn’t anywhere on your schedule, so why bother buying it, it could be more beneficial, and cost-effective to get a standard stroller.

Plus, the stroller adds more weight, and stress to your workout, you probably won’t be able to run in peace as you’ll always be looking at your child and whether they are going to fall out or not. So it will just slow you down, it would be better if you just stayed at home and ran around the house, it’s almost the same thing. And come on running with kids, no! A big fat no! Kids hate to be strapped in and, it just not comfortable for them, so they will whine and cry until you stop. Trust me, you will not be able to run in peace, and all the moving could cause your child to vomit or get motion sickness, and if they do, you’ll have to spend your running time on cleaning up vomit. Just perfect!

Sometimes the size can be the issue as well, as some of them are pretty bulky and just unflattering to carry, and the folding can be pretty tricky too if you don’t know how to do it properly. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the size.

Even though these are some small disadvantages that can be overcome the most significant issue that this stroller faces the question of its safety, yes, you may assume that it is safe, but during some time, a specific model of this stroller was almost recalled because it had safety issues. But fear, not the problem has been solved, and it is just as safe as ever. So when purchasing, make sure that you fully understand the stroller and make sure that your child loves it; if they do, then the stroller is for you.

What is the best of the best?

Several companies produce Bob stroller, the most famous companies that are known worldwide are Britax; when you hear bob stroller, you know, it’s a Britax. Some of the best strollers so far can be seen below;

BOB 2016 Ironman Jogging stroller

it has got an advanced suspension, adjustable handlebars with nine different positions, hand-activated brake lever, comfortable seats with harnessing to protect your child, and its only a two-step fold, not complicated at all. But with this, there is always going to be a flat tire, it is unavoidable, and the other accessories need to be purchased separately.

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller and Weather Shield Set

the swivel on the front wheel allows sharp turns to be taken on rough terrains, impact-resistant tires which are 12 inches filled with air, a mountain bike like suspension, the seat can recline in multiple positions, and has a five pint safety harness, and the transparent shields protect the child from bad weather and harmful UV rays. It is also compatible with car seats. However, the only issue is that the tires require quite a lot of maintenance.

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Jogging Stroller

there is a swivel lock on the front, foot-activated breaks, 2 step folding, high-grade suspensions, and it is great for a big family, as it can fit two, plus there is plenty of extra storage space for both the children’s stuff. However, as it is a double stroller, it is quite heavy and bulky, so there is that, and the other accessories like the cup holders and things have to be purchased separately, so it is an extra cost.

BOB 2016 Stroller Strides Fitness Jogging Stroller

this is an excellent stroller as it works on any terrain due to the polymer wheels, and the premium suspension makes everything work smoothly. There is even a handlebar console in which you can store plenty of things like your keys, change, and so on. It has got two-step folding, and it is fixed with high-quality seats with a 5 point harness. So safety at its best, and the handles can be adjusted to the height of anyone, short or super tall. Honestly, the only issue is tire maintenance; other than that, there isn’t anything to it.

BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

this is built for all sorts of terrains, even ice, so now you can run in the winter without any issues, there are hand-activated breaks, adjustable handlebars, great suspension, and swivel locks to this stroller. The best thing about it is that it has a reasonable price, not too over the top. The only costs to this are buying accessories separately, which add on to the cost, and you also must purchase an air pump so you can fill you your air, which also adds on to the price.

Now, these can be known as the best, but honestly, it is your opinion that matters, you choose what the best is. But if you are considering buying, then it is an excellent decision to know about this stroller and what it will do for you.