Top Five Trendiest Strollers of 2019 etc

As parents, it is only natural for us to want the best for our little ones, the safest car seats, the coolest clothes, the best of everything, as far as we are concerned, they deserve it. So it is only natural for us to want the trendiest strollers for our child. At one time or another we have all found ourselves drooling over the strollers the other moms bring to the park, and in the back of our minds we are making mental notes to ourselves, saying I have to have that stroller.
So what are the hottest strollers on the market now? Here is a rundown of my top five favorites.

Buzz 3 Wheel Stroller by Quinny

The Buzz 3 Wheel Stroller by Quinny has been all the rage in the United Kingdom for quite a while now, and has just recently become available in the United States. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, that folds and unfolds easily with only one hand. The front swivel wheel of the stroller makes it easy to maneuver, while the front and rear suspension create an easy ride for baby. The seat can be used in either a front or rear facing position, and has a two position recline. The seat is made from stain-resistant nylon covered foam. The parent handle can be adjusted to five different height positions, and has a convenient shopping basket for storage. The Buzz 3 Wheel Stroller comes with sun canopy, rain cover, mosquito net, and wind screen. This stroller comes in a wide variety of hip and trendy colors. You can find out more about the Buzz 3 Wheel Stroller by visiting Quinny’s website.

S4 Stroller by Silver Cross

The S4 Stroller by Silver Cross is new for 2019, and is very hot right now. Perfect for use outdoors, it’s frame is sturdy and lightweight. The S4 offers a multi-position reclining seat, with a full recline for newborns. The handle is height adjustable for parents, and the stroller also offers an under the seat storage basket. The seat comes with a removable infant head support, and harness chest pads. The S4 has an adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window, and a removable rain cover. The S4 is one of the flattest folding strollers on the market, and is available in a variety of color patterns. The Ventura Car Seat by Silver Cross attaches easily to the S4 creating a very trendy travel system. For more information on the S4 you can visit the Silver Cross website.

Pliko P3 Revi by Peg Perego

The Pliko P3 Revi is a super-cute, very trendy stroller that is new for 2019. The polka-dot pattern, available in orange or black, is by far my favorite design this year. This stroller has a one-hand fold, and folds compactly with a built-in carrying handle. The seat has a four-position recline, and folds flat for infants. The Pliko P3 Revi has several great features including an adjustable padded handle, under the seat storage basket, removable child’s snack tray with cup holder, an adjustable sun canopy with peek-a-boo window, and an adjustable water bottle holder for parents. The Pliko P3 Revi accommodates most models of infant car seats, allowing it to easily create a travel system. I have found this car seat for sale on many websites, but can not find it on the Peg Perego website.

Going to Disney World with Kids:

Going to Disney World can be very exciting yet overwhelming time when you are traveling with kids. Here are a few tip to help make going to the theme parks more enjoyable. We are going to talk about bubbles, fast-pass, diaper bags,strollers and fans.
The fist thing that you might want to invest in is some containers of bubbles with a string that your child can were around their neck. The line can be very long to wait and kids get very inpatient. This is a good way to keep them occupied and forget about how long they have been waiting. A good idea is to keep one of the big jugs in your car or in your hotel so it will be easy to refill.

If you have not heard of the fast pass you need to listen. It is free first of all and saves so much time. A lot of the ride have something like a ticket booth called fast pass. You insert your park ticket into the machine and they will print you out a ticket that gives you an hour time frame. This time frame is when you come back to the ride and get to jump to the front. Most rides when you use this the most you will wait is 5 Min’s. It is a lot better than standing in line for 30. And while you wait you can go to other rides with short wait times. You can only get one fast pass at a time. But this save a lot of time, and makes it more enjoyable for children so they don’t have to wait.

A diaper bag is the best investment you can make. You can carry the camera, wet ones( a must have), money, change clothes, drinks. and everything else you might need. You can also put your souvenirs into it so you don’t have to carry. And most rides you will have plenty of room to put it somewhere.

Another good idea is to rent a stroller. My 5 year used the double stroller. Also if you are going to more than one park you can buy in advance for a discount. The stroller is great for kids who don’t like to walk, or even if they get tired during the day. This will prevent you from having to carry them, This also shades them from the sun. Some of you might be worried about the stroller getting stolen while on a ride but that rarely happen. Not only is your name on the stroller so you wont miss place it the is stroller marking by the rides that have attendants who’s job is to watch the strollers and keep them organized. Plus if you do lose your stroller or you have to leave the park for some reason , as long as you have your receipt you can get another one for free.

My final and I think one of the most important suggestions is to buy a fan squirt bottle before you go into the park. They come in handy. Those hot days this will help cool you off and keep the kids busy. And you really don’t wont to buy one when you get in the park, yet the make very nice souvenirs, however they are very expensive.

I really hope that these few tips will make your trip to Walt Disney World with kids more enjoyable and Make lasting memories.

StrollerFit – The Perfect Mommy-and-Me Exercise Program

When my son, Vinny, was about two-months old, I started feeling a bit of the postpartum blues. It had been two months, and I had been breastfeeding the whole time, but I was still fat. People were telling me I looked great, but I had only lost about 2 pounds since the baby was 2 weeks old, and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.
On top of that, I was used to having a very social and active life, but my weeks of maternity leave were making me feel lonely. Even when I did spend time with my friends, it seemed like we had nothing in common anymore. Then, I found StrollerFit.

I had started thinking about joining a mommy-and-me class. On a random internet search for mommy-and-me classes, I found StrollerFit. Having experimented with a traditional mommy-and-me class at MyGym, I found that StrollerFit is so much more than a mommy-and-me class. It is an intense workout, a fun stroller ride and playtime for my baby, and a place for me to meet other moms. As a mom in my class in Woodland Hills commented, “I love StrollerFit because I don’t have to feel guilty that I am leaving my baby to go exercise.’


Seriously, the workout is one of the best exercise programs I have even seen. When I showed up for my first class (free, as a trial) I thought “Stroller exercise… I suppose we’ll walk with our babies. This should be fun.” It was SO much more than walking, but it was SO much fun! We skip, hop, jog, and occasionally power walk with the strollers, stopping every so often for strength and muscle toning exercises with the resistance band and exercise tube. The babies all love when we yell alphabet letters instead of counting reps, and when we sing songs like “Old McDonald,” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” Vinny’s favorite is “Hickory Dickory Dock.”

At the end, there is a great core workout. We bring the babies out of their strollers and let them join us. Younger babies like Vinny sit on the mat with Mommy, while older babies all play with each other. It’s fun to watch them play; I imagine how my son will be joining them soon.

Plus, the group is not too big, so the instructor gives each person a little bit of personal attention and motivation. The moms from the Woodland Hills StrollerFit class all agree that instructor Melissa Thomas is just the best! She’ll watch your form and help you out if you are doing something wrong, and she’ll yell encouraging words right when you think you are going to die. I must admit that sometimes I don’t want to “Embrace the burn!” but she always gets me through to the end!

So far, the only downside of StrollerFit is that it is a bit expensive for my budget. As a fellow StrollerFit mom described it, “It’s addictive!” However, my schedule isn’t one that allows me to go every day, so the monthly pass isn’t really worth the money for me. Paying per class is getting a bit pricey, but it has been worth it.

If you are sick of what you see in the mirror, or sick of the mirror being the only other mommy you get to see, then consider trying a StrollerFit class. The first class is free, so you can see if you like it before making a commitment. Different cities have different schedules, but most groups meet several days a week. My group in Woodland Hills meets six days a week! Melissa always encourages us to bring Dads along for free, too. For more information, check out the StrollerFit website, If you live near Woodland Hills, tell Melissa that I sent you!

Stroller Based Exercise Programs: A New Frontier of Post-Natal Exercise Programs

We all know the feelings that arise after the birth of a child, everyone of us has said it at one time or another “I really need to get back into shape, and I need to lose some of the baby weight I have gained.” The problem is many of us do not want to join a gym, can not afford a personal trainer, and can not afford the cost of childcare while we are working out. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a fitness program for new moms where they could work out with their babies in the great outdoors? Well, I have some great news for you, there is a new fitness program making its way across the US, and the only workout equipment needed is your stroller! That’s right many cities now offer fitness programs that are stroller-based exercise programs designed specifically for new moms! Who knew that your stroller could do double duty as fitness equipment?
Baby Boot Camp

Baby Boot Camp has over three hundred locations in twenty-six different states. They offer a variety of classes to meet your specific needs, including prenatal classes. Baby Boot Camp’s classes combine strength-training, cardiovascular drills, pilates, yoga, and abdominal exercises. Classes range in length from fifty-five minutes to seventy-five minutes, and follow the guidelines set forth by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Council on Exercise. Classes range in cost from $5 to $20 per class depending on class selection, and location, with no charge for your first Baby Boot Camp class.

Stroller Fit

Stroller Fit has over two hundred and fifty locations in thirty states. Stroller Fit classes use exercises that target your “mommy muscles”, the muscles that are used and abused during labor, delivery, and the postpartum care of your baby. Classes consist of three different intensity levels to accommodate the needs of new moms, with a typical class lasting about fifty minutes. Classes are $5 each, and moms can purchase an unlimited monthly membership for $45 to $65 per month.

Stroller Strides

Stroller Strides is by far the largest franchise of the stroller based fitness programs with over five hundred locations in forty-one states. Stroller Strides classes combine Power Walking with intervals of body toning exercises that use exercise tubing and your stroller. Classes are designed for all new moms, regardless of exercise level, and depending on the class you chose range in length from fifty-five minutes to seventy-five minutes. Stroller Strides also offers free playgroups, and mom’s nights out. Classes range in price from $4 to $15 per class depending on class selection, and location, some locations also offer monthly memberships.