Too Big For a Stroller: What Age Can you Use a Stroller?

It is a natural progression from a pram to a stroller and often parents are not aware that the children have outgrown the stroller too. So it would be right to consider when it is right to ditch the stroller as well and get to be more independant as well.

Strollers and prams were introduced to people as conveniences that needed to be taken and with right gusto too. Sometimes an over-eager parent could refrain from taking the child away from the pram and for rather selfish reasons too. In many cases, it is a case of being overprotective.

Is the Child Getting to be Overweight?

Are You Getting the StaresYoung children need to be active to keep a healthy profile and once the toddler is seen to be gaining weight and no matter the age of the child, it is time to say goodbye to the stroller. Sometimes it would be so apparent that the stroller is being overburdened that it makes perfect sense to have the young one walk as far as possible.

It is rather a good question as to why some children put on weight far quicker than others. But central to getting the children on an even footing is to remove them from the stroller most of the time.

Are You Getting the Stares?

When out shopping with the child in the stroller, do people stop to give a nasty stare at the stroller? Then probably it is time to get rid of the wheels and take the youngster to walk. People can easily see if the toddler is a proper fit to a seat and then it becomes more of a burden to push around the grown-up people.

Sometimes, there is a visible sag in the stroller rods or that the seat belt could be really straining to hold the youngster. Either way, it is time to get the stroller out of the way and get the child to walk more on his own.

When Downsizing the CarWhen Downsizing the Car

It is not every day that the person uses the same car all the time. Occasionally people move down from a larger vehicle to a smaller one. In such cases, it would be advisable to have the stroller taken away from the service at all times.

Another aspect is if the family has had some additions to the members. Then getting into the same old vehicle could be more of a hassle than otherwise. It too would be the right and opportune time to get out of a stroller.


There is never a hard and fast rule that children at a certain age have to be removed from the stroller. The matter is a whole lot subjective and remains within the purview of the parents to take a decision. Some children are faster growing than others and hence have to be removed from the stroller faster too.

At the end of the day, it is how the parents adapt to a growing child that more or less defines how the stroller has to be treated too.