What Is The Maximum Weight For A Stroller?

Strollers are essential when it comes to taking the children up to 5 years out of the home. When you plan to shop for some groceries and your sitter is not there, you have to take out your baby in the stroller along with you. However, the capacity of the stroller depends on the age of the child. The weight-bearing capacity of a stroller for 6 months old is not going to be the same for a stroller meant for 4 years old.

Hence, the strollers have different maximum weight limits for different models meant for children of different age groups. As your kids get promoted from toddler to kindergarten, so must the stroller used for carrying the child. The same stroller that served the purpose of carrying a 25 pounds child cannot be enough for a child weighing 55 pounds.

In general, 50 pounds is considered the maximum limit of the strollers but depending on the bodyweight of the child, the maximum capacity of a stroller may change as well. However, some of the latest strollers can accommodate children who weigh more and are bigger. Generally, strollers can bear a weight of 75 pounds and beyond that children do not take strollers for navigating. Here are some of the varieties of strollers with different maximum weight limit meant for children of varying age and weight.

Maximum Weight Limit Of Different Varieties Of Strollers

As far as the strollers are concerned, the maximum weight limit ranges from 50 to 75 pounds for which children aged between 3 to 5 years qualify. The following features are a compulsory check for these strollers which add to the individual weight of the stroller and the weight-bearing capacity as well.


Not all material is suitable for carrying big babies. When it comes to judging the highest limit of weight for the strollers, the ones that are capable of carrying the bigger children come into consideration. Hence, the strollers, made of durable and best materials are taken into consideration only. The sturdy materials like steel, aluminum are best for making the frames of strollers that are capable of carrying weight like 75 pounds.

Though you can also find strollers made of materials like rubber and plastic, the best would be to choose the ones made of steel or aluminum for guaranteed durability and maximum weight-bearing capacity. The strollers made o rubber or plastic has the maximum weight limit of 50 pounds whereas the strollers made of steel or aluminum have the capacity of bearing weight as high as 75 pounds.

Space Management:

The space management of a stroller makes a lot of difference in its weight-bearing capacity. The provision of space and the weight of the child share a close relationship. For little kids, the necessity of space management is higher as carrying their bottle, napkins, towels and other essentials becomes a mandate while designing the strollers for toddlers.

But, the number of essentials required to be carried while transporting a child of higher age is less, and hence, space management is accordingly.  Thus, the strollers with more chambers and shacks generally come with a lower maximum weight limit than those which are designed keeping the older children in mind.


The size of the stroller is also directly related to the age of the kids it is supposed to carry. The strollers meant for toddlers are sure to be of a substantially smaller size than the ones meant for the 3-5 years old kids. Hence, the former variety comes with a low maximum weight limit than the later one.

If you are bothered about the maximum weight for a stroller, it is 75 pounds for most of the strollers readily available in the market unless you get one designed in a customized fashion. Check the weight of your little one. If it exceeds 75 pounds, you will have to search really hard to find a stroller for the kid or else you have to get one ready in a customized manner.

Age Of The Child:

The age of the child plays critical in determining the maximum weight limit of a stroller. If you are looking for strollers for a child aged between 3 months to 1 year, the size, design, and specifications of the stroller will be significantly different from the ones meant for older kids. Also, the maximum weight capacity would be different. Most of the strollers used for children up to 1 year age come with a maximum weight limit of 25 pounds.

But the same limit gets expended to 50 pounds to 75 pounds when the strollers for older children are designed. Hence, the maximum weight limit of a stroller cannot be defined strictly. It depends on who is riding and which variety of strollers has been chosen. Based on the age of the child, the maximum weight limit of the stroller changes.


The entire weight of a stroller remains rested on the wheels of the stroller. For best and smooth navigation, the free wheels provide the best support while roaming in malls or on the streets. However, as far as the weight-bearing limit of a stroller is concerned, the higher the capacity, the better should be the wheel. The oversized or bigger wheels generally represent the strollers with higher weight limits.

The stroller designers keep in mind the maximum weight limit of a stroller before putting the wheels under it. The weight borne by a stroller must be adjusted with the shape and strength of the wheels to maintain balance and ensure stability at stationery as well as moving positions. If a stroller is meant for carrying a weight up to 50 pounds, the wheels will be of a different variety than those which are supposed to carry weights up to 75 pounds.

Thus, the wheels also play a critical role in determining the varying levels of the maximum weight of strollers.

Variety Of Strollers:

There is plenty of varieties available le in the market for strollers. Depending on the requirement and the age of the child, you can select the most suitable one. The following are some of the best strollers available in the market which feature different levels of the maximum weight limit.

  • Lightweight & Umbrella Strollers
  • Mid-Sized Strollers
  • Full-Size strollers
  • Jogging Strollers
  • Travel system
  • Tandem strollers

All the varieties mentioned above come with individual weight-bearing capacity. You cannot assign the lightweight & Umbrella strollers for the older kids as they come with lesser weight limits. This variety is capable of accommodating children weighing up to 50 pounds and not more. The mid-sized stroller can be used for carrying children weighing up to 55 pounds.  A full-sized stroller can be used for carrying children weighing up to 75 pounds.

The tandem strollers are best for carrying twins or siblings together and feature a higher maximum limit as these are meant for carrying more than one child at a time and come in the shape of a car. Hence the different varieties feature a varying capacity of weight-bearing.

Weight Of The Stroller:

The weight of the stroller plays another critical role in determining the weight limit of the stroller. A lightweight stroller is not supposed to be capable of carrying higher weights. A heavier one will have the capacity to carry higher weights. Hence, the strollers which are light in weight are the ones with lesser weight limits than the ones that weight more.

The lightweight strollers made of lighter material are thus not fit for carrying weights as high as 50 pounds or beyond. The steel strollers or the aluminum strollers are a better option for carrying the higher weights on the contrary.

Design With Folds:

Foldable strollers are also available these days in the market. When folded, these strollers may appear to be of a smaller size than when kept open. Hence, the weight limit cannot be appropriately judged just by looking at the shape and size of the strollers at times, and it is best to check the specifications mentioned.

Thus the foldable strollers sometimes come with a higher weight limit than what they appear to be. The big strollers are often available in foldable designs to ensure easy stationing at home when they are not in use and to allow flexibility of sitting gesture for older kids. This, understanding of the weight limit for foldable strollers is difficult unless the specifications are closely checked.

Hence, the maximum weight limit for a stroller varies on different factors. It cannot be said definitely that every stroller offers the same highest weight limit. Rather, the different types of strollers come with a varying range of maximum weight limit. The standard weight which is regarded as the maximum limit, is, however, 50 pounds. Generally, kids weighing more than 50 pounds do not use strollers for movement but in case a child weighs more than average the strollers with higher weight limits can be used.