Yoyo Baby Stroller Best Product Reviews and Specifications

What do you mean by Yoyo?

The Yoyo is the world’s first luxury travel stroller that is designed to ease the task of new moms to comfort their children and keep their belongings in one place. Today this baby essential has become a must-buy product due to its compact design that does seamless operations, from holding the baby to store the things of the baby. It is versatile, lightweight, and readily available in the market to make your life simple and travel comfortably than ever before. Generally, a baby stroller includes reversible backrest, under-seat storage basket, travel bag, carrying strap, and rain cover. Hence, it is best known as an all-in-one stroller as it got approved as cabin luggage by most of the airline companies-easy to fold and get stored in the overhead compartment. Therefore it is highly advisable that every passenger first needs to check their boarding airline cabin luggage standards that vary from airlines to airlines before they opt to travel with yoyo stroller cabin luggage. Get ready to buy this fantastic product from leading baby stores or shop online from Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, or any other baby store near to your locality at a fair price.

What makes you choose this baby stroller?

Here are the top 5 reasons to justify this stroller offer significant benefits:

  • Made of excellent quality material is durable, easy to use, and clean, and maintain.
  • It’s a complete space saver product that comes with spectacular folding, which allows the user to fold it up quickly, occupies less space, and fits true to any corner of the room.
  • It comes with dual-brake and removable wheels, which help the user have full control over the movement of the stroller to move from one place to another.
  • Due to lightweight, it remains portable and easy to travel pram.
  • Holds a sizeable water-resistant umbrella canopy that protects the unisex infants, toddlers, and even 1 to a 2-year-old grown-up child from harmful sunlight, rain, and dust.

Things you need to know before you step to purchase this Yoyo product:

  1. It is thoughtfully designed to make life easier for new mum and dad who can’t hold the baby in their arms for a long time.
  2. The baby stroller equipped with quality wheels is easy to navigate with one hand and fits almost anywhere when folded.
  3. It is sure to ease your family outing or traveling all alone in the car or while boarding a train or flight that enhances the comfort level of the baby to sleep well.
  4. It is a smart and stylish solution that doesn’t want to hire a nanny for their child or on-the-go lifestyle in terms of safety.
  5. It can easily incline to 145 to 360 degrees in several positions and come with multiple features such as soft-drive system, supportive padding, and wheels ranging between 4.5-6.5 inches that ease the stroller glide.
  6. Very few are aware of the fact that Yoyo is the first Babyzen stroller and also stands to be the first stroller of any brand in the world as it cleared the test of IATA guidelines that approved it as overhead compartment storage dimensions.
  7. Harness the power of this baby product to clear the queue of gate-checking at the airport without the need to carry massive luggage or the clunky stroller available in the airport.

Most Admired Baby strollers trending in the market:

Many parents are in a dilemma about why we need to buy this baby pram? The Yoyo is not just a journey stroller but gives full comfort to efficiently handle your child when engaged in any of the indoor and outdoor activities. Many strollers come along with underneath storage basket, top umbrella-like covering to offer shade under the sun, offer complete protection to their child when showers are likely, deal the baggage and other carry-ons while getting into the aircraft or any other travel means.

If you don’t have time then we had done some paperwork to find the best stroller ideal for unisex infants, toddlers, and easy to carry children above 1-4 years old as well. Ensure they are lightweight, not bulky, and meets the basic requirements of your youngster to get easily fold and store in one place. If you are a working professional, then no matter here is the list of few best strollers that are trending right in the market. Just have a look:

Babyzen Baby Stroller:

It is the number one baby stroller available in the market for a long time, which has no competitors but high on demand by consumers as possible with amazing features. It can withstand up to 6kg to 15kgs weight and best supported with shoulder strap. Easy to fold is accessible with a multi-position reclining seat and soft padded with 5 point harness to offer safety and comfort to the child. When folded measures small (54 x 44 x 18 cm) and fits true to size in any corner and overhead compartment of an airplane. Experience great driving with four-wheel suspension that this Yoyo product is easy to fold and unfold with a single hand. Get this Yoyo product as it is incredibly lightweight and comes with washable fabric; this is easy to clean and maintain. Priced $499 offers an all-in-one solution to meet your baby and their travel needs.


  • Ideal as cabin luggage
  • Easy to operate with a single hand
  • Comes with four-wheel suspension
  • Washable fabric is easy to clean and maintain


  • Need to install footrest, bumper bar equipment
  • The canopy on a smaller aspect
  • Breaks need to be stable
  • Bit pricey


Bugaboo Ant Baby Stroller:

It is a recently added a baby stroller to offer great comfort to your baby and meet his travel needs. Grab this innovative design as it comes with a reversible seat and flat recline to help your baby face you in the same direction up to three different positions. In that way, it allows you to stay connected with your baby to stimulate their senses. It can withstand up to 50lbs weight, and compact designed is lightweight to fold and unfold (55 x 38 x 23 cm) with a single hand. It is best supported with four sturdy wheels to move forward in the convenient direction in contrast to Yoyo and comes along with canopy to protect your child from harmful UV rays when exposed under the sun. Priced $ 549 is ideal for everyday use and perfect travel companion of your baby as it comes with an underneath basket, height-adjustable handlebar for smooth steering.


  • Matches as cabin baggage
  • Comes with reversible and flat recline seat
  • Lightweight can withstand up to 50lbs weight
  • Sturdy wheels and adjustable handlebar allow smooth steering


  • Nobody-hand fold
  • Bit pricey
  • Handlebar appears flimsy
  • Need to check the quality of material


GB Pockit Baby Stroller:

It is one of the world’s extremely smallest foldable baby strollers, got added in the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records due to its compact design. Being lightweight, this Pockit baby stroller from GB is durable as made of high-quality material to offer the long-lasting experience to the user. Leverage to handle it with one hand as it is easy to fold and unfold without anybody else. Harness its portability, ideal for storing in car, plane, or train overhead bin as it easily gets folded with two-step innovative folding into the size of 11.8 x 7 x 13.8 inches and weighs just 9.5 pounds. Priced $180 is best supported with an overhead canopy, adjustable padded handlebar, and supportive strap, comes with small basket, durable and sturdy lockable wheels, to offer the user excellent steering experience to harness their trip or overseas journey along with the baby.


  • Compact designed is tiny
  • Extremely lightweight and mild
  • Fronts wheels are lockable
  • Made of quality material is durable


  • Underneath basket can’t hold anything
  • Wheels quickly wrestle on uneven terrain
  • Add a strap to keep the stroller after folding
  • One-hand push not attainable


Cybex Eezy S Twist Baby Stroller:

It is a unique designed baby stroller whose seat can rotate in 360 degrees and allows your child to look at your face or peep into the world. Ergonomically designed is compact and lightweight is more comfortable to use as carry-on luggage when traveling in the car, boarding a plane or train. Works with a one-fold mechanism and best supported with extended canopy with a peekaboo window, ideal for going for short distances and occupies less space when folded into the size of 10 x 17.7 x 22 inches. It is made of beautiful quality fabric and is easy to wash and handle. Priced $240 is must buy twisting baby stroller trending in the market with an underneath basket to hold your baby essentials. Leverage the freedom to rotate this portable tool and help your baby recline in a comfortable position. Ideal to meet your baby’s day out requirements as it is convenient to store in a small space.


  • Holds massive cover
  • 360 degrees rotation possible with reclaimable foot relaxation
  • Comes with underneath storage
  • Reasonably priced


  • Underneath basket needs to be greater possibly
  • Wheels need to be improved
  • No one-hand fold
  • Not ideal as car seat attachment


Mountain Buggy Nano Baby Stroller:

It is a cocoon-shaped infant car seat that is designed compact as a superb baby stroller but lacks few features and is not ideal for solo travels with a baby. In contrast, this mountain buggy nano stroller is not ideal for handling with one hand, but as it is also foldable in two-steps, to meet the standards of airline cabin luggage. None of the parts of this baby stroller are supported with screws but comes with adjustable canopy hood easy to connect to the car seat, also includes travel bag and shoulder strap to offer maximum comfort to your baby. Though the wheels are not quality made, they are still easy to rotate and move from one place to another. Leverage its fabric overlay, ideal for winter coverage when the baby seat is required to recline. Priced $200 weighs around 44 lbs when folded into 12 x 22 x 20 inches and is thus suitable to lift children to 4 years. Just be careful when carrying a newborn infant as its canopy falls out simply until you support it with a Velcro.


  • The whole equipment is very sturdy
  • Comes with colossal canopy cover ideal for winter use
  • Can handle with one-hand push
  • The handlebar is free of screws


  • No one-hand fold
  • Cover easily fall out of handlebar when folded
  • Not recommended for the newborn child
  • Lacks the peekaboo window


Check these Inquiries before you think to invest in buying a Travel Stroller for your baby:

How much likely are you to spend on this baby stroller?

Though many manufacturers are selling this baby stroller at the best price, I would like to buy it online from the leading stores of Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Snapdeal, or eBay that are offering great discounts at a fair price. It is ideal equipment to hands-on for those who are working professionals and need to carry their child along with them for one or another reason wherever they travel. Must buy the baby product, easily gets folded, fits true to the size of overhead cabin luggage, and its convenient storage eases your extra baggage problem when traveling with a baby to store her items. Always check for the features available before you invest in buying one for the comfort of your baby.

How safe is it to carry along with you in the overhead bin of aircraft?

Personally, when traveling by airplane, is it advisable to stay away from unnecessary luggage checking such as baby stroller that is easy to fit in the overhead bin of your seat. Because if not allowed to carry along with you in the plane, then you will end up wasting your time at the gate checking to receive the baby stroller. Try to avoid it or enquire first before getting it into the plane as few airports don’t allow it.

How safe is baby stroller to use for a newborn child?

Well, if you had become mum for the second time, then it is likely you got to experience to carry in flights along with you. But as the newborn is more comfortable in the hands of mom, it is not advisable to put the child in the baby stroller if you are traveling solo along with the baby. It is ideal for carrying such type of stroller only when accompanied by any other person as few strollers don’t have sturdy wheels and even tend to move when the wheels are locked. It is advisable to wait at least Four-6 months, as the children don’t recline until then and feel comfortable to sleep when flat sprawled.

Are you looking for a Car seat clip choice?

It is likely that due to expanded family and need to travel through convenient mode, more and more people are looking for a strapping automotive seat that is easy to use, lightweight, and carry along with you to any destination. Make sure your baby strollers are made of excellent quality material and meet your entire automotive seat to carry both you and your baby without any difficulty. Before you try to make your baby travel, please check whether your baby is comfortable to sit in the automotive seat only if it comes with adjustable strapping.

Think twice how advisable it is to buy a one-hand fold?

If you are working professional and touring all the time accompanied by your associate, then one-hand fold might not be an ideal choice to buy. Such baby stroller is not suitable for especially infants who cannot even get up on their own, alongside when you are required to carry your luggage as well. So try to purchase the one that stands to be an ideal deal-breaker.

However, if you are required to fold your stroller and put it by way of the X-ray machine to pass the security test or need to undergo gate checking, then one fold system is hard to handle along with your baggage. Instead, you need to choose two-fold as if the stroller didn’t fold compactly; you need to leave it alone for manual inspection. In that way, you have to hold your baby in one hand, and with others, you need to close the stroller, which is not possible if your baby is unable to manage by herself.

Can you list any baby stroller winner?

It is a known fact, every baby stroller manufactured has its pros and cons, which are simply unavoidable, and you are required to deal with them to leverage their real benefits. Among the above mentioned baby strollers, Babyzen Yoyo stands to be helpful, but a bit costlier also fails to offer more significant recline, extended footrest, and canopy to provide shade when exposed to sunlight on a sunny day. Mountain Buggy Nano is likely to win your heart as its compact design comes with a footrest and easy to fold. However, it doesn’t offer a peekaboo window and requires a 2-hand fold whereas on the other side, the Bugaboo Ant, which tends to be flat, exactly matches the space provided in the overhead bin to easily carry on in airplane, but its fold isn’t that admired. On the other side, Cybex Enzi S Twist works absolutely best, however, as it lacks the peekaboo window, due to huge, it barely fits in the overhead bin.

Which baby Strollers do you think couldn’t minimize?

Whether traveling single or with family luggage is such a thing that is unavoidable and needs to be carried along with us for a comfortable stay and meet clothing needs. Similarly, the baby stroller had become essential to meet the baby’s requirements as they are soft padded and assure baby attain sound sleep and feel much more comfortable than getting stuck in the hands of adults. Most of us generally prefer straightforward one-handed ones as with others; you can take care of your child. But what if it is not working with a single push then such strollers put you in the extensive collection as many people prefer it when on-board. Mountain Buggy Nano or GB Pocket is somewhat like such baby strollers, which you came across at the top. For more information, click on the respective URL links provided under each product as they are high on demand on Amazon in order to receive free shipping and delivery offered at a fair price.

List of Baby Strollers those are not recommended to buy:

  1. GB Pockit: It comes with zero covers, doesn’t recline as its sibling GB Pockit+ does the most then it.
  2. Summertime Infant 3D Lite: It is available at a meager price, and being an umbrella stroller is very bulky even after folding and breaks off easily. On the other hand, supported with double wheels is more maneuvers durable.
  3. Silver Cross Jet: It possesses no underneath basket, tough to fold, and not even value for money.
  4. Cloud Umbrella Kolcraft: As said, you are receiving what you bow deep inside the sand. The same is the case with this stroller as it tears off easily when inner poles tend to rub.
  5. Jovial Moveable Folding Child Stroller: Though it is an awesome stroller, though, the front wheels must be available with a feature to unlock it manually by hand.
  6. Besrey Airplane Stroller: This stroller comes with double wheels that exhaust to maneuver neither offer any recline.
  7. Ergobaby 180: It lacks to protect the child from harmful UV rays when exposed under the sun. Even it is having a canopy covering, it is not safe when reclined, cumbersome, expensive, and its wheels need to be locked individually.


Typically travel stroll equipment is what everyone is looking for to ease their baggage and travel needs when shifting from one place to another. To get the stroller handy, you need to access a few accessories like trays, bag clips, or cup holders that ease your baggage. In contrast, they should also support rain cover and bug the internet, which most of them are doing but few lacks. Well, it also depends on the store from where you are purchasing your stroller or ordering it online. Even if you are buying online such as through Amazon, do consider to get the right piece that comes all along with the accessories. Check what your manufacturer is supplying to receive the same particular kind of baby stroller you were looking for.